Al Dick

Al Dick

Hoquiam Ward 4 City Council candidates

  • Fri Oct 11th, 2019 3:30pm
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Occupation: Retired, last job was with the City of Hoquiam for 16 years as head of the parks and cemetery.

Relevant experience: I’ve been a lifelong citizen of the Hoquiam area. I served on the Hoquiam School Board of Directors for 12 years, the Hoquiam board of adjustment and the Hoquiam Park board.

What are your feelings on the BHP potash facility proposed for the Port of Grays Harbor? If it is constructed, it would mean a one-time windfall of tax money for the city, $3 million-plus. How do you feel that would be best spent?

I think the BPH potash facility proposed for the Port of Grays Harbor in Hoquiam is a big step for the City of Hoquiam. Not just in the jobs it will bring to our area but there will have to be major infrastructure improvements to the area, roads, water supply, electrical and rail, etc. This will make it much more appealing to other new businesses looking to locate in our fair city, and Grays Harbor in general.

Since the closing of our paper mill, pulp mill, Posey Manufacturing, Rayonier sawmill, Levee Lumber and many other Hoquiam businesses big and small, the three million plus dollars would be a game changer for Hoquiam! Infrastructure, infrastructure infrastructure, that is the backbone of any successful city, especially one trying to grow our commerce! Most of our surface streets are in bad shape and i would like to see some funds go there. Also our city crews are all short handed and i would like to strengthen our crews so we could spend more time repairing as needed instead of every thing being an emergency. Again infrastructure!

What do you see as your primary role as a Hoquiam City Council member?

I have lived in Hoquiam my whole life (72 years). I’ve coached youth baseball and basketball for 45 plus years, if you don’t know me you must have just moved to town. I’m approachable and listen to both sides of every story. I have coffee every morning at the Simpson Ave. Grill and would love to see you there for a cup and we will settle all the world’s problems.

Describe what you consider to be the most pressing need facing the City of Hoquiam over the next four years. How would you use your position on the council to address that need?

I think our biggest problem as a city is our shrinking tax base. We need to roll up our sleeves as a city and get busy finding new business big and small. I will support our mayor any way possible to this end. Let me add that Brian Shay has done a wonderful job for our city and I would like to see him continue with all the hard work he does for our city! Street, sidewalks, parks, you name it he’s gotten us many many grants.