Habitat for Humanity to host dinner and auction Saturday night

For the first time in four years, Habitat for Humanity is hosting a dinner to raise funds in order to build homes for families in need.

Why four years? Just like with many other events that are supposed to be annual, the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on holding the event from 2020-2022, according to Darlene Triggs, executive director for the nonprofit. Now the event on Saturday evening is a go.

“We’re excited to get back in,” Triggs said.

Triggs spoke to The Daily World about the fun night she and her staff have planned starting at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday night at Hoquiam Grand Central — 427 7th St., Hoquiam.

The night will feature a taco bar, an auction and a “game night.” The mostly volunteer crew, plus Triggs, her assistant and a few Habitat store staff members, is combining their dinner and auction with a game night to add to the fun of the evening.

And while no, Gala wear — ballgowns and tuxedos — aren’t required, there’s still a little bit of a dress code.

“We usually do a casual nice, like slacks and a nice shirt,” Triggs said. “Nothing too fancy. They won’t let me wear sweats. We have a few people who dress like they’re headed to a gala, but they just like to dress up, so it gives them a good excuse to dress up.”

Based on Triggs’ ticket count, approximately $5,300 has been raised . Each dinner ticket costs $60. As of late Wednesday morning, Triggs said she thought the nonprofit had sold 88 seats.

The funds for the event will go toward building homes. For less than the price of a new video game, it’s a small fee to help people in need. According to the Habitat for Humanity website, the homeownership program is there for “families and individuals in need of decent, affordable housing,” the site states. When they apply they get selected based on three criteria:

■ The applicant’s level of need

■ Their willingness to partner with Habitat

■ Their ability to repay a mortgage through an affordable payment plan

According to Triggs, the cost to build a house ranges from $87,000 — a tiny home with one bedroom that is 512 square feet, to about $135,000 — a three-bedroom home that is typically for a family of four.

On Saturday night, Habitat for Humanity will auction off “all kinds of stuff,” according to Triggs. The items range from tangible things — an Edgar Martinez- and Jay Buhner-signed Seattle Mariners hat, a DeWalt toolbox with tools inside, baskets full of snacks and household goods to “nice little escapes” and field trips.

The trip options include a couple night’s stay at Nahwatzel Lake, a sailing trip for two on the Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain, a deep sea charter fishing excursion, and tickets for Sasquatch the Legend in Forks.

“It’s an interesting smorgasbord of things,” Triggs said.

The game night element for Saturday will feature a fun spin on the TV show “Deal or No Deal.”

“We call it “Flip it, Deal or No Deal,” Triggs said. “It’s where basically they’re opening up houses instead of briefcases to choose an amount they could win at the end (of the night.) They can win up to $500. … At the end, they have a choice. They can take the money that’s in the briefcase, or they can flip it and take the prize behind the door. And they don’t know what the prize is behind the door until the end of the game, when they choose it.”

Another one of the games that Triggs was happy to explain, is a “Minute to Win It,” type of game. One of the games is “Stack the Cup.”

“You take a stack of (colored) cups and then you take the (different-colored) one from the bottom,” Triggs said. “You’ve got to take that one off-colored cup all the way through until it comes back out to the bottom again.”

Triggs, a born-and-raised Harborite, said she’s “very excited” to host the event in Hoquiam.

“I love our events,” Triggs said. “They are so much fun and you get to meet with so many people.”

For people who want to go: Call Habitat for Humanity ahead of the event at 360-533-8090. According to Triggs, calls ahead are needed because there is a limited number of tickets.

Triggs is thankful for the nonprofit’s sponsors, Timberland Bank and TwinStar Credit Union. She’s also grateful for people in the community who help out Habitat.

“We are all for the community coming together to support us and we’re grateful for everyone of them,” Triggs said. “Without our supporters, we couldn’t do what we do, and that’s help the community.”

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