Five try, fail in break-in attempt in Ocean Shores

Failing to gain entry, one of them peed on the door

An attempted burglary at an Ocean Stores dispensary was impeded by a sturdy door last week.

Have a Heart, a recreational cannabis store, recorded an attempt by five individuals to gain access to the store on the morning of June 13, and, failing to do that, urinating on the door.

The attempt occurred just before 8 a.m. that morning, said store manager Ryan Covall. Camera footage from the store shows the individuals hopping out of a red sedan and running around the store’s elevated porch area before one pisses on the door after failing to gain entry. They all return to the car and leave the scene after.

It’s the store’s first attempted burglary, Covall said. It was unfortunate that there were individuals running around without adequate manners or toilet training in 2023, Covall said, and the donation of a portable toilet is not legal, since state policy does not allow for guests to use cannabis retail establishment restrooms.

The police are investigating, said Ocean Shores Deputy Chief Kyle Watson, but had not made any arrests.

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