Drug task force, county begins proceedings to seize house

The house has been a long-standing issue

Following a multi-year investigation and legal proceedings culminating in the sentencing of a 65-year-old Aberdeen woman on Tuesday, Grays County is beginning the proceedings to seize the residence involved in the distribution of drugs.

The residence was involved in multiple cases, said Sgt. Darrin King of the county’s drug task force.

“Basically, we have the civil prosecutor for the county — they assumed doing that for us,” King said in a phone interview. “They do the forfeiture stuff because it’s more of a civil thing. They’re proceeding with that.”

State laws provide for the seizure of assets involved in drug distribution, according to a social media post from the sheriff’s office. The idea would be to help turn around that area of the neighborhood, King said.

“Maybe we can get that house fixed up and make it be a better neighbor to the neighborhood,” King said. “Get a good family in there once it gets cleaned up.”

The county has gone through the process of seizures before, King said.

“We do have a history of doing that. We do send homeowners, when there’s search warrant served at their location, send them a letter saying this could happen,” King said. “She was the actual homeowner of the residence. She had knowledge of what was going on and was convicted.”

King recognized the Grays Harbor Prosecutor’s Office as they work to eliminate nuisance houses.

“The prosecutor’s office does a good job being part of our team and working with the justice system,” King said, congratulating them on doing a good job.

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