Doug Ames promoted to interim general sales manager

Grays Harbor News Group, which includes The Daily World, appointed a familiar face to an important role on Wednesday.

Doug Ames, who has worked at The Daily World for 15 years — most recently as circulation director — was made Interim General Sales Manager on Wednesday morning, according to a news release from The Daily World’s Publisher Terry Ward.

“Please join me in congratulating Doug on his new Interim General Sales Manager role,” said Ward, who is also Sound Publishing’s vice president. “We look forward to his leadership and enthusiasm as we continue to grow our business and serve our customers in Grays Harbor.”

Ames, a well-known people person, hopes to grow the paper’s brand and keep the paper machine running smoothly. Being a people person, according to Ames, is how he got into sales in the first place.

Though Ames is new to the position, he is not a greenhorn.

Ward, who has served as the newspaper’s publisher since the end of October 2022, championed Ames’ success with The Daily World. Ames has worked in distribution, circulation and sales work for the newspaper company.

“With his extensive experience and proven track record at the company, I am confident he will successfully lead our sales and support teams during this transitional period,” Ward said.

Ames is well-liked within the paper. He cracks jokes, sometimes buys food for the office, and cares deeply for his colleagues. He nicknamed Leslie Bebich, the “Office Mother,” because of her patience and ability to take care of the people who approach her with a variety of questions.

Bebich was happy for her long-time coworker and friend. When the news came down from Ward to the rest of Sound Publishing, she forwarded her simple sentiment.

“Congratulations Doug!!” Bebich wrote.

Ames is not only plugged into the circulation, distribution and sales side of the company, where he praised the performance Marketing Consultant Steve Bove has turned in through his years with the company.

“I think they have done a great job,” Ames said of the small group of Bebich, Bove and Brittnee Morris, who took over as classified sales and legals representative once Kathy Bradt retired from the position in February.

The good news for the other side of the company — the editorial department — is Ames knows well, and is a fan, of what the editorial department has done to help the paper. And Ames reads the paper, so he’s plugged in on what’s happening.

Ames noted the additional local stories that the team of reporters — Matthew N. Wells, Michael S. Lockett, Allen Leister, and Clayton Franke — have turned in since September. The newspaper’s staff of reporters expanded when Lockett transferred from Sound Publishing’s The Juneau Empire. The staff expanded again when Franke and Editor Michael Wagar were hired. Karen Barkstrom, editorial assistant, continues to be the steady hand who helps the reporters and Wagar with various tasks. Sportswriter Ryan Sparks rounds out the news team, likely contributing to more local names in the paper than anyone on staff.

Ames isn’t alone in the praise of editorial. The newspaper staff receives in-person, email and telephone compliments almost daily about its hard news, features, and sports coverage throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

Ames not only knows The Daily World product. He was born and raised in Aberdeen. He is an Aberdeen High School and Grays Harbor College graduate, who has lived in Montesano the past 15 years with his wife Jennyfer and sons Zandar, Kaleb, and Carter.

Wagar had glowing comments to add about Ames’ promotion.

“I couldn’t be happier that our Publisher Terry Ward has chosen Doug to be our new general sales manager,” Wagar said. “Doug is a great leader and a great team player. He also deeply cares about both the community and the newspaper. So I’m really happy for him.”

Bove, one of Ames’ friends and main sports guys in the office, is happy for Ames’ promotion.

“I think he deserves it,” Bove said. “Since I’ve been here, he’s been our go-to guy for everything, before he was even trying for the job.”

Another good bit of news for the paper’s staff is that Ames has always been the same person. A jokester? Yes. But according to Bebich, Ames knows when to draw the line, which should serve him well in his new gig, where his managerial role will expand.

And Bebich couldn’t be happier for Ames. She’s seen him in every facet of his job, from working with inserts to working in circulation, to working in sales, and back to his role as circulation manager.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Bebich said. “He pretty much knows this place from front to back. He knows everything about how it runs, so I think he’ll do a great job. It’s well-deserved.”

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