COVID case counts continue to rise in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties

COVID-19 cases continue to add up in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties, according to data released by public health officials in both counties Wednesday.

Grays Harbor County Public Health reported 11 new cases Tuesday, and six Wednesday, bringing the county’s total to 1,037. Active cases monitored by public health stood at 91 Wednesday. Active contact investigations were at 319, bringing the total contact investigations for the pandemic to 1,556.

The total case count attributed to November so far, 229, surpasses the total number of cases attributed to October, 212. The peak number of cases, 263, came in September, according to public health data. There are also 37 total cases that have an unknown month attributed to them.

By age group, 339 cases have been recorded in the 20-39 age range, 291 age 40-59, 177 age 60-79, 103 age 11-19, 78 age 1-10, 45 age 80 and up, and four cases less than a year old. To date, 506 women and 524 men have tested positive, with seven of unknown sex.

State Department of Health data shows the rate per 100,000 population of new cases in the two weeks prior to Nov. 30 was 222.5. Statewide that number was at 419.5.

Due to reporting issues at the Department of Health, the current total testing rate and the percentage of those tests that have come back positive in the county was not available Wednesday.

Pacific County

Pacific County reported 42 additional cases between Nov. 25 and Dec. 2.

This brings the county’s total cases to 457, with 211 of those cases coming in the last two weeks.

Of those cases, 98 are considered “active” and are being monitored by Pacific County Public Health. That’s down significantly since the previous report Nov. 25, when the county listed 197 active cases. The number of cases considered closed, meaning no longer monitored by public health, is at 359.

Pacific County’s death total stands at 3, which represents .6% of total cases. The cases per 100,000 population over the previous two weeks is at 984, down from the 1,077 reported Nov. 25.

Pacific County Public Health provides a breakdown of cases by zip code. The majority, 205, are in the Raymond zip code, followed by South Bend with 119. Six zip codes have five or fewer.

As of Dec. 1, cases in Pacific County broke down by age range like this: 45 cases age 0-9, 67 cases age 10-19, 47 age 20-29, 89 age 30-39, 68 age 40-49, 55 age 50-59, 42 age 60-69, 40 age 70-plus, and four that didn’t have an age classification. Monday, public health reported three cases currently hospitalized.