Aberdeen legislators draft bill to make the razor clam the official state clam

Call it bipartisan bivalve legislation.

To celebrate the popularity of one of Washington’s most iconic and sought-after coastal shellfish, two Aberdeen legislators have drafted a bill to make the razor clam the official state clam of Washington.

Rep. Brian Blake (D-Aberdeen) and Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) prefiled House Bill 1061 on Monday — “An act relating to designating the Pacific razor clam as the state clam.”

If passed, the razor clam would join the ranks of other official state critters, including the American goldfinch, the steelhead, the orca and the Olympic oyster.

The reason for filing the legislation?

“For me, it’s right there in the bill itself: ‘…razor clamming is a living tradition that attracts hundreds of thousands to the seashore every year, providing healthy exercise and outdoor experiences for Washingtonians while bolstering the local coastal economy,’” said Walsh. “I hope it’ll help promote activity that’s good for this area.”

The legislation reads, in part, “The oblong shell of the Pacific razor clam is golden-hued, symmetrical and especially handsome. The flesh is meat and makes for premier table fare and a healthy, organic, wild food source.”

The prefiled bill concludes, “Additionally, unlike other Northwest clam species, razor clams are very mobile, with a powerful foot, providing a sporting chase!”

The 105-day 2019 Legislative session begins Jan. 14.