Local focus yields different kind of success for Aberdeen cannabis retailer

How a business is run is often telling of its success — and it really depends on how you define success. Big companies have huge workforces, employees come and go, and can be seen as expendable. The primary focus is company profit. How can anyone feel like part of the team when they’re just a cog in the massive machine?

A better way of doing business

When Adam Bakotich started Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen with partners Arnie Bossard and Angela Scott, he’d been a cog in a big machine and knew there had to be a better way to do things. He decided to focus on people and team-building, leading by example to build a community of workers who work for each other.

Looking after his employees starts by respecting the individual and acknowledging their contribution to the whole. Building a team means working for and with each other to get the best possible result — and that starts at the top.

As a small business owner, Adam offers his employees a lot more than just a great working atmosphere, choosing to pay liveable wages and provide a great benefits package too. By creating a great place to work, his team has become a community that cares.

“How does this benefit the customer?” you might ask.

When employees are trusted and appreciated by their boss, it shows — and that comes out in the level of service and expertise you can expect at Cannabis 21. “No one here is ever going to up-sell to a customer,” Adam notes. “We want to provide you with what you want, not try and tell you what you should want!”

For Adam and his team, it’s all about being part of the greater community and making sure customers are satisfied. And it’s a philosophy that works — for employees and customers alike.

Local matters!

Beyond looking after his employees, Adam keeps the focus on the local, buying from smaller local growers and suppliers to keep the dollars in the community. For many customers, buying local matters. At Cannabis 21 it means building relationships with suppliers and catering to a smaller market with a focused product line, benefitting customers seeking a more artisanal product.

So how does Adam define success? “It’s all about doing the right thing,” he says. “If you treat people right, the company will grow which means a better experience for customers too.”

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