Nailing It Down: Get some cash back when you buy energy-saving appliances

  • Fri Jan 24th, 2020 4:30pm
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Nailing It Down

By Dave Murnen and Pat Beaty

Are you planning to buy a new clothes dryer, washing machine, refrigerator or freezer sometime soon? Perhaps you are in the market for a new water heater. If so, we may have some good news for you!

The Grays Harbor PUD’s Power and Energy Services Department is offering rebates on qualifying Energy Star-rated appliances. They’ve done this for years, but it’s been a while since we’ve written about it.

(They also offer rebates on smart thermostats and weatherization projects, but we’ll cover that in a future column.)

Appliance rebate program

To receive appliance rebates, an itemized purchase receipt or invoice must accompany the one-page rebate application. And the applications must be received within 60 days of purchase or delivery date.

The whole point of this program is to encourage energy saving, so the appliance must be Energy Star-rated. Additionally, clothes washers must meet other requirements that are outlined on the application form.

The application can be found on the PUD website, or at the Energy Services Department of the PUD. It is a very simple form that includes all the program requirements and a place for the manufacturer and model number of the appliance you bought.

Once you’ve attached the detailed receipt and turned it in, you can expect to receive a rebate check in the mail soon after. (However, if you happen to be delinquent on your PUD account, the rebate will be credited to that account.)

So how much can you get back? The rebate for an eligible refrigerator is $10, for a freezer is $15, for a clothes washer is $30 and for a clothes dryer is $50.

If you have any questions about the rebate program, the friendly people at the Energy Services Department are eager to help. You can call 360-538-6383 or email

Water heater rebates

An energy-efficient water heater can make a huge difference in a home’s energy consumption. And usually, a water heater is a bigger investment than other appliances. So, not surprisingly, the rebates for a heat pump water heater are much more significant.

The program requirements:

In existing homes, the new heat pump water heater must replace an electric storage water heater.

The heat pump water heater must be listed on the Northwest Energy Alliance’s qualified products list as meeting the requirement of the Northern Climate Specifications.

Required permits to install the heat pump water heater are the responsibility of the contractor and the homeowner. Also, the heat pump water heater must be installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Only one heat pump water heater rebate will be paid per location in a 13-year period.

Applications must be received within 60 days of purchase or delivery date.

The receipt or invoice must be attached with application submission.

Installations may be verified by the Grays Harbor PUD to ensure compliance with program guidelines.

Just like the appliance rebate, the people at Energy Services are eager to help, and the form can be found on the website at

The great news is that the rebate for a Tier 1 heat pump water heater is $300, and for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 water heater is $600! That’s worth filling out a one-page form.

Energy savings

In case you missed it, the other wonderful thing about purchasing a new energy-efficient appliance is that you should see a decrease in your energy use — knocking down that energy bill a bit.

Ductless heat pump

In case you happened to miss last week’s column, we talked about the low-income ductless heat pump program that we at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor partner with the Grays Harbor PUD to administer. This program offers a free ductless heat pump to Grays Harbor PUD customers who qualify. So far, the program has installed more than 350 ductless heat pumps in four years.

If you want to learn if you or someone you know is eligible, check out last week’s column on our website at, or give us a call at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor (360-533-7828) and ask for Pat. We are in the office from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. You can also email Pat at

Next week

Next week we will discuss more ways to become more energy efficient — and get rebates — through the PUD. (Here’s a hint of what we’ll include: Think about weatherization, manufactured homes and smart thermostats.)

Dave Murnen and Pat Beaty are construction specialists at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor County, where Murnen is executive director. This is a nonprofit organization committed to creating safe and affordable housing for all residents of Grays Harbor County. For questions about home repair, renting, remodeling or buying, call 360-533-7828 or visit 710 E. Market St. in Aberdeen. Our office is fully ADA-compliant.