In 1993, dozens of places on Harbor, now sell espresso

From the archives of The Daily World

75 years ago

February 8, 1943

Shoe rationing will not work any hardship, if everyone is allowed three pairs of shoes a year, Harbor dealers declared today.

“Three pairs of shoes would be a luxury for the average man,” one dealer asserted. “Of course youngsters need more, because they wear them out faster, and many time outgrow them. But they probably can use some of the rations their fathers and mothers won’t require.”

“We expect people to buy quality shoes of conservative styles from now on,” W. Birl Adams of the Wolff shoe department said. “Cheap and faddish shoes probably will be out for the duration.”

February 9, 1943

The Japanese have evacuated Guadalcanal Island in the Solomons, Secretary of the Navy Knox said today in labeling as “true” and enemy admission to that effect. He added that all resistance to American fighting men there “has apparently ceased.”

Thus for the first time in the war, the tenacious Japanese have been forced to give up an important position completely, and in Knox’s words, the way now opens for blows by the United States against “some of the most important bases of the Japanese.”

50 years ago

February 8, 1968

• Army Sgt. Archie Burnette Jr., 20, previously listed as missing in action, was killed in action in Vietnam, Jan. 31, while on duty with the First Air Cavalry Division, the Army reported Wednesday.

He was a 1965 graduate of Weatherwax High School and attended Grays Harbor College before enlisting in the Army two years ago. He was married to the former Judith Ann Hranac who lives on Terrace Ave. with their year-old son, Tony.

• Arthur Pennebaker, 22, was charged with first degree murder in the death of his wife, Jeanne Marie, 21, on Dec. 14. Her body was found on the beach near Ocean Shores. He is being held in the county jail in Montesano.

February 9, 1968

Two young men who were living in “Hippie pad” type quarters on 9th street in Hoquiam have been charged with possession of marijuana and LSD — narcotics drugs, Police Chief Burton Foreman said this morning.

Four marijuana cigarettes (reefers) and two capsules of LSD were found in the apartment.

“They were living in virtual squalor,” said the chief. “Garbage was stacked all over, there were no beds and the walls were decorated with these weird psychedelic designs and messages like ‘Love,’ ‘Sex’ and ‘How’s Your Antenna?’”

25 years ago

February 8, 1993

For the uninitiated, espresso is “coffee prepared in a special machine from finely ground coffee beans, through which steam under high pressure is forced.”

There are now dozens of places to buy an espresso drink on the Harbor — from restaurants to gas stations. And ninety percent of the espresso equipment is leased from Pacific Beverage and Supply in Hoquiam.

John Martin, field marketing rep for the company, leases single machines and coffee grinders for $170 a month. “It’s a high-profit item,” he says. At an average of $1.75 to $2 a drink “they only have to sell about six (drinks) a day to break even.”

February 9, 1993

Releases of dioxin and chloroform from Weyerhaeuser’s treatment ponds are so dangerous that evacuation of South Aberdeen should be considered, a lawyer for 241 residents or former residents suing the company, asserted Monday in Grays Harbor Superior Court.

“The option of relocating the residents of South Aberdeen should be considered,” Hoquiam attorney Paul Stritmatter told a jury and a packed courtroom. Children on the South Side are at risk of developing cancer in the future from their exposure, Stritmatter said in his opening statement.

But Weyerhaeuser’s attorneys said that while the settling ponds for the Cosmopolis pulp mill may have caused a stink in the summer of 1991, they did not release deadly chemicals.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom