In 1992, HHS marketing students take over McDonald’s

75 years ago

May 4, 1942

• Officials estimated a dozen or more cats and at least two-score chickens in Grays Harbor and Willapa Harbor died Saturday night and Sunday after eating raw clams or, in the case of the chickens, pecking at the shells of freshly dug bivalves.

Officials are investigating today to determine if the uncooked clam flesh may be poisonous but reiterated the opinion that the clams are safe for human consumption if properly cooked.

• Little Denise Millett, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Millett of Hoquiam, is playing happily at their home today thanks to the prompt efforts of city firemen who found her unconscious in a fish pond last night. Using a resuscitator that was recently given the force by the VFW, firemen were able to quickly revive her.

Firemen were loud in their praise of the equipment, declaring it “paid for itself many times over” in its mission yesterday.

May 5, 1942

Aberdeen’s sugar registration total probably will hit the 10,000 mark tonight, it was indicated today as registration continued at approximately the same clip as yesterday’s when more than 5,000 were signed.

While most of the registrants stated they had insufficient supplies of sugar, one person admitted possession of enough sugar to last them eight years, on the basis of eight ounces a week. That person learned they won’t get their ration books for a long, long time.

50 years ago

May 4, 1967

The existing state highway between Tokeland and Grayland will be cut by ocean erosion of Cape Shoalwater within three and one-half to five years according to a report made after extensive field investigation by officials of the State Department of Conservation. This will result in loss of all main telephone circuits between Raymond and Aberdeen, now located along this road, said the report, together with the main power supply lines for the Raymond-Grayland areas.

“All utilities in this area will of necessity have to be relocated,” said a letter to utility companies from Maurice Ahlquist, department director. “We are advising you so that the necessary plans (to relocate the lines) may be made.”

May 5, 1967

The senior class of Weatherwax High School will sponsor a carnival tomorrow as their main project for the United Weatherwax Drive.

The carnival will begin at 10 a.m. and continue all day on Broadway between Heron and Wishkah Street.

One of the main attractions will be Dick Reynolds’ hover craft and rides will be offered all day. Dan Peterson and Dan O’Neill will operate a dunking machine. Other features will include jewelry engraving, a make-up booth, a hammer pound, a sucker tree and a novelties booth.

25 years ago

May 4, 1992

Hoquiam High School marketing students will take over operations at the Hoquiam McDonalds’ from 5 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday to raise money to send 48 fifth and sixth graders for a ride on the Lady Washington. The younger students are being rewarded for perfect attendance at school this year.

As students and teachers struggle side by side to master the shake machine, McDonald’s characters including Grimace, Birdie and the Hamburglar will be mingling with customers and the HHS mascot Grizzly.

McDonald’s will split the take for the three hours with the D.E.C.A. club.

May 5, 1992

Dan Quintanilla and Brad Marshall drove in three runs apiece as Quinault whipped North Beach, 8-1, in Pacific League baseball Monday at the Tract E Field in Ocean Shores.

“They did a good job of capitalizing on their opportunities,” said Hyak coach Bob Sutter. “We didn’t. That hurt us.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom