In 1991, Weatherwax class of 1931 celebrates 60-year reunion

In 1931 President Herbert C. Hoover had recently switched on the lights of the Empire State Building

75 years ago

Sept. 15, 1941

County Agent Arthur Kulin announced today that efforts would be make to revive Grays Harbor’s county fair next year following what he termed a “very good and satisfactory 4-H club fair,” this weekend at the Elma fairgrounds.

He said 1,600 paid admissions illustrated the interest in the fair’s revival.

Harry Bird’s button collection won top place in the voting by patrons at the hobby show. The Clark model planes was second and the Newton gun collection third in balloting.

Sept. 16, 1941

A German non-commissioned officer was shot at in Paris today after a German firing squad had executed 10 hostages for attacks on other German officers. Execution of the 10 hostages was announced by Gen Heinrich von Stuelpnagel, commander of the German occupying officers in France. They were described as “all communists, including six foreigners.”

50 years ago

Sept. 15, 1966

At 64 years of age, Hugo Daniels isn’t living just for the age of 65, so he can sit back and pick up his Social Security check every month.

Instead, the owner of Daniels’ Cedar Products Inc. in Junction City is as enthusiastic as if he were just starting in the business when actually this former logger is in his 18th year in the wood products finishing industry.

His recent enthusiasm is rooted in a relatively new product being produced at the Junction City shingle and shake mill — cedar roof tile. Daniels’ cedar tile duplicates in appearance the mission-type tile that is used to roof many houses in the Southwest.

The mill, owned by Daniels and his sons Don, David and Charles, also produces shingles and shakes.

Sept. 16, 1966

Top Records of the Week: 1. “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles; 2. “You Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes; 3. “Bus Stop” by the Hollies; 4. “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan; 5. “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb and 6. “See You in September” by the Sandpipers.

25 years ago

Sept. 15, 1991

At Pioneer Park in Aberdeen this weekend, 25 softball teams with players from as far away as Idaho, are taking part in the Northwest Indian Softball Championships. There would have been more but salmon are running and that kept maybe 11 teams home, said Tom Grover, tournament organizer from Taholah.

Julie Reed and Kelvin Frank of the North Beach sold Indian tacos, heaping the usual fixings on the deep-fried doughy Indian bread. And for those who didn’t feel like a taco, the bread was especially good with jelly on it.

Sept. 16, 1991

In 1931 Bing Crosby and the Rhythm Boys were crooning their way across the county. President Herbert C. Hoover had recently switched on the lights of the Empire State Building and on June 5, 235 members of Weatherwax High School’s 38th graduation class were ready for commencement.

Over this past weekend 58 of those former classmates gathered once again.

Olavi Aho of Shelton was the class salutatorian and went on to become a chemical engineer, retiring in 1977 after 42 years with Grays Harbor Pulp and Paper Co. Saturday night he stood before his classmates again, this time as master of ceremonies.

Many of those gathered talked of the Depression and its impact on them as students. “Three of us had our (graduation) pictures taken using the same dress,” said Dorothy Fleming Gano of Elma. Classmates were disappointed when they received their annual, The Quinault. The covers were made from plywood in order to save money. Now, however, the 1931 Quinault’s distinctiveness and durability are a source of pride for those whose pictures are inside.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom