What’s to do with the Dems?

In response to Larry Wakefield’s Oct. 30 letter “45 was not our lucky number.”

The great Democrats. We had a president who had sex in the White House, and not with his wife. Also went to Epstein’s Island.

Then Obama’s Iran deal, great for Iran.

Then comes Hillary, deleted thousands of emails then broke her phone. In the election, the Clintons were talking to Ukraine, not Trump.

It seems 19 minutes after Trump was elected, Democrats were already trying to impeach him.

Jay Inslee wasted all that money and time running around the country trying to be a president. Not caring about his state. Great policy, climate change and whales.

As we go on Medicare for all and Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be part Indian, but that’s a lie. Then the biggest liar of all, Adam Schiff. He can’t read anything without making it up the way he wants it. He should become a fiction writer. Then came Adam’s puppet, Nancy Pelosi. Lies and changes her story every day. Then the Squad? Scotty should beam them back. The reason they want him impeached they don’t have a candidate that can beat him. Maybe impeach the swamp rats.

Willie Baugus

Ocean Shores