Welcome all equally

Shannon Rubin recently commented on future usage of the Ocean Shores Convention Center. In her narrative, she made some very serious discriminatory remarks toward the Clean and Clear group that holds meetings in the spring each year at the convention center.

Although I am not a resident, I have been a property owner for the past nine years. I have rented out my home to some very fine ladies who attend those meetings, and I am offended by Rubin’s comments. I have personally never been involved with drugs or alcohol use, but I have great respect for those who have had dependency issues and been able to overcome them.

How is it acceptable to have some large groups who drink heavily and sometimes become rowdy be welcomed in town, but those who have overcome addictions be unwelcome? Perhaps they don’t spend enough money in the bars during their stay.

I do agree the convention center would do well to be in the hands of professionals who have the town’s survival in their best interest and who have the ability to attract many new groups to what could be a major attraction someday. This can only be accomplished by welcoming all visitors equally.

Ruth Lennon