Timberland board

I was appalled to see Cheryl Heywood was retained as director by the Timberland Regional Library Board.

Was it appropriate for:

Someone who was planning to close one-third of the 27 libraries in the five county system?

Someone who forbade any of her staff to tell the public what was being considered?

Someone who kept the board uninformed as to what she was planning to foist on the public?

Someone who was, finally, evaluated on 11 categories and was “strongly rebuked” on all 11 of them?

Someone who has caused a significant breach of trust in the relationship of all concerned?

Someone who took it upon herself to state “If the branches don’t like the changes, too bad, they will just have to do it.”?

Someone who, acting like a petty tyrant, tried to push this program past a board which was oddly compliant, considering the outcome?

Sure, she made a few small mistakes, in her approach, mistakes that elsewhere would have been the basis for termination of employment, not a renewal of contract.

If the above is not bad enough, consider this. If you were on the Timberland Regional Library Board, would you continue the further employment of someone who was issued a “harsh rebuke” by said board.

Perhaps Cheryl Heywood is not the only person, or group of persons sharing the blame for this miscarriage of justice.

Larry Wakefield