Supporting Schave

Through their ballots, Aberdeen voters are being given an opportunity to make a choice for a future Aberdeen.

Mr. Pete Schave, candidate for Aberdeen Mayor, whom I’ve known for the better part of 40 years, is a born and raised Harborite and has given unselfishly to public service. For over 18 years he has worked effectively with six different mayors as a councilman and served on many committees, all for the purpose of improving our Aberdeen. His penchant for watching how our tax dollars are spent is a commendable trait. Being a lifelong Harborite he fully understands the importance of the North Shore Levee Project and the need for it’s completion.

Mr. Schave’s strengths are being a strong team player, listening and researching issues so that better decisions can be made for our community’s future; his continued opposition to the homeless camp issue at South Michigan Street and the removal of the county needle exchange are front and center issues if elected. His plan is to move the existing camp (s) away from existing homes and businesses.

In closing the city will have the opportunity to have a full time mayor, as Mr. Schave, who is enjoying retirement, is willing to commit 100% of his time to the mayor position.

I strongly encourage voters to vote Pete Schave for Aberdeen mayor.

Al Smith