Supporting Ross

We have known Randy Ross since his early efforts to seek the seat he now holds as a County Commissioner. He has been a consistent supporter of economic development in Grays Harbor County. We have personally worked with him on two opportunities that we still hope to bring to fruition. Both involve new industrial facilities on the Harbor and each would employ directly approximately 60 folks at family wages.

Randy has helped us get meetings with the right folks to move the ball forward in both cases. His banking background as well as his knowledge of special purpose project financing are an invaluable asset to this County. We see his opponent making a major issue of the “needle exchange” program. This appears to be part of a tactic to drive homeless and/or drug addicted folks out of the County. The recent announcement by the Quinault Indian Nation to establish a treatment center open to all comers is the positive answer to this issue. We all know someone who has been homeless or who has a substance dependency issue. Sending them elsewhere is not a solution and regardless of where they are we all will be taxed by some governmental entity to support programs to assist them.

This county needs real commonsense, non-partisan leadership now. Randy is that person and he needs to be re-elected!

Allen and Hilde Kasper

Ocean Shores