“Saddened and sickened” by commissioners’ comments

As a Grays Harbor resident and taxpayer, I was saddened and sickened to read in The Daily World that two of our newly elected county commissioners appear to publicly excuse, or even condone, the actions that led to the seditious fatal riot at our nation’s Capitol last week.

In their comments, Kevin Pine and Jill Warne continue to spread propaganda that fueled what everyone saw was an anarchistic attack designed to disrupt and thwart the landslide popular vote victory and certified Electoral College win by Joe Biden.

I find it even more egregious that Kevin Pine and his brother — who apparently attended the riot in person according to the commissioner himself — both have been employed as coaches at Grays Harbor College. What sort of example does this set? Their attempt at excusing and normalizing such an assault on our democracy should raise serious questions about their fitness to work in positions that are paid for with government tax dollars and public funding. What sort of example do they set for those young athletes under their influence, maybe some that voted for the new president? Isn’t it ironic that those with hands fully plunged into the government till are the ones to cheer on the revolt by spewing the same sort of garbage the president has propagated these past two months since losing the election. Maybe they should wrestle more with their conscience and leave democracy to those who truly honor our country, not endorse and support those who try to overthrow its most precious civil right — the right to elect our leaders free of fear and intimidation.

Angelo Bruscas

Ocean Shores