Letters: Climate fears are a way of soaking us, enriching elites

The scene is eerily familiar, a panoramic of a Southeast Asian landscape after having been devastated by a typhoon, showing the wanton destruction it wreaked on humanity in its wake. Enter the sober, solemn narrator, replete with stoic background music, as he begins explaining the devastation brought on by the horrible effects climate change has had on the Earth’s climate, due, of course to our burning fossil fuel

I believe the climate change movement to be a scam of monumental proportion fueled by cash the likes of, only the petro-giants can aspire to.

“You a denier?” you ask?

No, sir. I am not, I don’t see anything to deny, other than conclusions the climate alarmists come up with. I see the same climate everyone else does, doing the same things we all see it doing just as it has since we came into this world, and just like it will after we leave here.

When I was much younger, celebrities, and people we called “eccentric” went on late night talk shows and made claims of the coming ice age, and people giggled, then as time passed, it morphed to global warming, then a little later to ”man-made” global warming, and of course today the blanket title of climate change.

Climate change is a great title for something that does just that, and always has. Another well used term in climate alarmism is ”denier.” I ask you, what kind of science labels its peers that disagree as denying? I understand scientific discovery as forming a hypothesis, and by a series of experiments, and or empirical study, trying to tear it down as the pathway, should the hypothesis survive, to becoming bonafide theory. Real science should welcome skeptics.

Modern climate alarmism is tantamount to a glorified telephone psychic scam, whereby true events are mixed with conjecture, in just enough proportion, spiced up with emotional appeal, and a heavy dose of demagoguery to seal the sale of the scam in the hearts of the duped. I once heard it said,”The only thing that makes extreme weather, ‘extreme’ is the presence of human life in its path, subtract humanity, and it’s just plain weather.”

Why would something so supposedly dire have the stated goal of just another tax for “we the people” to pay the elites, and the opening of a carbon exchange to buy and sell the rights to play in the elitists’ money and power grab game?

That’s why I call foul.

Denny Martin