I-976 support

We all must live within our budgets. If our incomes don’t match our outgoing monies, we must eliminate what we can to fit the costs of our activities into the confines of the money we receive. It’s also true we all have responsibilities to uphold, we are bound by duty to manage and take care of our personal interests, and when at work, the duties our employer’s task us with.

Bearing that in mind, I have been watching/listening to the political ads against Initiative 976, the $30 dollar license tab initiative. The ads are done primarily by public employees we respect like firemen, and police officers telling us in effect, if we approve the $30-dollar tabs (again), there will be swift and certain punishment for us for our insolence in the form of them ignoring our roads and infrastructures.

Since when has government attained such a position whereby they can threaten their employers? Since when do they have the ability to autonomously dictate where and how money is spent? I want to remind every voter, our Constitution clearly reassures us we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I don’t read anything in our Constitution about government empowering itself over the people. We are their bosses, they do what we tell them (at least in our founder’s intent).

I digress, if Washingtonians want to pay $30 dollars for car tabs it should be a forgone conclusion, and no questions asked. It is then incumbent on state government to do as we do, and seek to live within its means by re-assessing wasteful spending and eliminating expendable programs. I would hate to think we would have to run another initiative in 2020 instructing them when and where to reduce, and cut spending, but trust me, we could — very easily as there is much low hanging fruit from which they could eliminate.

Join with me and vote “Yes” for $30 dollar car tabs for the second time, and make them follow our will for once. Say no to bullying and intimidation.

Denny Martin