Frasier voter

Editor’s Note: The letter writer states that Rep. Jim Walsh does not have an investment in public schools through his children. In fact, more than one of his children have graduated from Aberdeen High School and one attends it now. (11-1-2018)

Which candidate speaks truth? How do you know? I always find it difficult to know as the mailers arrive and the ads begin. There is one race that is very clear to me.

I’ve seen the mailers and ads that claim that Jim Walsh is pro education and supported by labor. In one he’s even standing in front of the school in which I have taught for 23 years. But which candidate attended local public schools, and has an investment in public schools through her children? Erin Frasier, not Jim Walsh. He supports private schools and has voted for charter schools, which siphon money away from public schools, weakening them.

Jim Walsh openly claims to be supported by labor, but when you take a look at which candidate really has the endorsements, you find that Erin Frasier is the one who clearly has the support of labor, including the Washington Education Association.

Erin Frasier is what a pro public education, pro labor candidate looks like. She supports teachers and the students of the 19th District. If you haven’t already filled out your ballot, I urge you to vote for truth with me. Public education needs Erin Frasier, a true supporter.

Cathleen Peterson