Clarification of Lions eyesight screening

Thank you for the Oct. 27 front page article on the Lions Vision Screening project. The Lions Clubs of Zone G 3 appreciate The Daily World making our project known to the public.

However, it is not quite factual.

This is a project of seven local Lions Clubs: Cosmopolis, Central Park, Hoquiam, Oceans Shores, Clearwater/Kalaloch, Willapa Harbor and Aberdeen. These clubs have formed a 501(c)3 charitable foundation (MD19 G 3 Lions Vision Screening Foundation) to purchase the PlusOptix Vision device, which was secured with a matching grant from the Northwest Lions Foundation.

Frankly, none of the area clubs would have been able to purchase this device individually, which cost approximately $7,000. In addition, while all the people at the Stevens Elementary School screening event were from the Aberdeen club, other clubs have screened schools in and out of Grays Harbor and several times members of more than one club have worked together on a screening. The Cosmopolis, Willapa Harbor and Central Park club members have all been active in screening events. and we are confident other clubs will become involved as we screen schools in their areas.

We are screening schools from Long Beach to Clearwater and as far east as the Nisqually Tribal School in Thurston County. We have screened over 2,300 individuals as of this date, and it appears that we will screen up to or exceed 4,000 individuals by the time we have completed all the targeted schools. In addition, we hope to screen all or most of the day care centers, Head Start and preschool kids in the area.

Also, it is our intention to be at community events such as the Cosmopolis Festival in the Park and the Summit Pacific Wellness Fair (we were at both those events in the last 30 days), providing public screenings to both adults and children.

Any school, day care center or preschool that would like to have their students or kids screened should contact Rod Matye (360-580-5824 or or Erv Granahan (360-249-3463 or to schedule a screening.

Erv Granahan, Secretary

MD19 G 3 Lions Vision Foundation