A perspective on policing

Police officers have a target on their backs.

Those who rush to judgment through social media compound the problem by convicting any officer involved in a shooting. Those who point their fingers at our Aberdeen police force should see what they deal with on a daily basis. Any person who has a knife, gun or other weapon is a threat to the officer as well as the public.

Using their weapon is the last resort to resolve a confrontation with a person. They take great care when necessary to use their weapon so the public is safe. Not so when individuals are threatening a police officer, they do not care where their shots go.

The men and women in Aberdeen who are police officers take an oath to protect the public. That is exactly what they did this last week.

Aberdeen had a civilian police academy this year that I attended. This included officers from Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Grays Harbor County and the Washington State Patrol.

The next opportunity you have, sign up and see what they do in Grays Harbor. Aberdeen has an outstanding police department with many going above and beyond to keep the public safe. Schedule a ride and see what they do!

Allan Shores