River Run RV Park is new business forming at the entrance to Cosi

A new RV park is under construction in Cosmopolis, and its owners are already planning other improvements. The River Run RV Park — along Highway 101 at the west entrance to the city — will feature 56 recreational vehicle sites, each 38 feet long, and offer options for varying lengths of stay.

Owner Kellie Daniels said the building nearing completion on the property now will be the clubhouse, “that’s going to have a laundromat and men’s and women’s shower room, a small office, a small shop, and a small store.” She said they are also building a small residence in the clubhouse, “We’re going to be looking for a couple to run the RV park and then live on site.”

She’s already received a lot of questions about the new construction, and inquiries about reservations for the new spaces, Daniels said, and they hope for a ribbon cutting to coincide with the 4th of July. They are seeing three different groups of RV owners interested in space, she said: “the folks that need just a few nights that are passing through or folks that want to stay for a couple of weeks or folks that want to stay for an extended stay,” she adds, “we’ll have a little bit different rules for folks that want to stay for more of an extended stay.”

Daniels and and her husband Corey purchased and renovated the location of the Peterbilt store around 2010, adding the D4 Sports Apparel building alongside some years later. They own and operate D4 Sports, and lease the space to Peterbilt. They purchased the two contiguous lots next to them from the City of Cosmopolis and have spent the last five years working on converting that into the RV resort.

Daniels said she is proud that, “for the very most part, we are employing all Grays Harbor workers, family wage jobs, and using Grays Harbor businesses. So this is a local project with local businesses, small businesses, local contractors. Our construction company is building the park, and then we partnered with Timberland bank on the financing.”

She also thanked the City of Cosmopolis, the mayor and city staff for their help in making the new park possible. “they have been absolutely fabulous to work with and I couldn’t imagine being in any other city. They are just so accommodating and they’re so excited for us. They’re (also) excited to have this end of Cosmopolis see some major improvements.”

“The Danielses have been a boon to Cosmopolis since the first mention of bringing their facility to the edge of our city limits,” said Mayor Kyle Pauley. “When they first approached the city with their intent for the River Run RV Park we have been able to work with them as they build their vision. Knowing that anything they do is so methodically planned around what is best for Grays Harbor we have no concerns. I look forward to the completion of the park, and knowing Kellie and Corey, the start of whatever next project they put their minds behind.”

Daniels said they also plan to develop access to the Basich Trail, which runs behind the park and connects Mill Creek in Cosmopolis to the Bishop Athletic Complex in Aberdeen for access to miles of paved trails. Other future plans include a new “Welcome to Cosmopolis” sign at the corner of the Peterbilt property.

DAVE HAVILAND THE DAILY WORLD Construction continues on the River Run RV Park at the west entrance to the City of Cosmopolis.