Weiss Ratings’ AI Town Hall [Review] Which Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy for 2024?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for some time, and only a few months ago has it reached stardom. Since the launch of ChatGPT, many big names in the technology sector have onboarded the AI train in the hopes of implementing the technology into their respective businesses. For those who have a vague understanding of it, AI is a set of computer systems that learn from performing tasks – the same way humans learn to become experts in their respective fields. This is the same way ChatGPT works: it retains and answers questions to the best of its ability. Luckily, ChatGPT doesn’t even scratch the surface of AI capabilities.

Recently, analyst and investor Martin Weiss sat down with editor Jon Markman, who claims to have handed a “buy” rating to one particular “under-the-radar artificial intelligence stock,” which he anticipates will be a critical stock to hold for 2024. How? Jon, Martin, and their team developed a set of proprietary formulas based on consistent earnings, rising dividends, and good upside price momentum, among other stabilizing factors that led to the so-called discovery. Are you eager to learn more about the opportunity under consideration? Here is where it is fitting to introduce Disruptors & Dominators.

What is the Disruptors & Dominators Newsletter?

Disruptors & Dominators is an investment newsletter overseen and compiled by editor Jon D. Markman and associate editor Chris Graebe. This newsletter focuses on investments that change the way society interacts with technology. The team refers to those above as “the digital transformation megatrend,” adding that it is all about the “use of data and software to build more efficient ways of doing business,” regardless of the industry. Using Weiss Ratings’ proprietary formulas, Jon claims to have and continues to zero in on artificial intelligence, vehicle electrification, connectivity/networking, and other innovators. AI is just one of several disruptors that the duo delves deeper into. Up next, we’ll cover the different components of the membership-based service.

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What Does the Disruptors & Dominators Membership Include?

Earlier, we mentioned how Jon unearthed a particular AI investment worth buying. As soon as people sign up for this service, Jon and his team will make various resources available, including details on the exciting opportunity. Here is a snippet of what the resources comprise, depending on the membership selected at checkout:

Special Report #1. The #1 AI Stock for 2024 to Buy Now

The first report contains every detail on one particular company that supposedly inked a significant deal with Nvidia that could go on to transform the second wave of AI. Jon claims to have mapped out this company’s potential, followed by his reasoning as to why this team is poised to be the greatest yet safest way to make gains. Sadly, that’s where the hints end, as the specifics are only exclusive to members.

Special Report #2. The Pick for the #1 AI Software Stock Today

The first report walks members through one company’s software, supposedly powering the Ukrainian defense system, city traffic systems, and wind turbines. More on why Jon believes their stock prices are poised to pave the path for many other AI software companies will also be disclosed.

Special Report #3. The Pick for the #1 AI Stock for Big Data

Remember that AI is simply a system that learns from data? Well, naturally, big data must be available for AI to retain to begin with. In the third report, Jon will introduce a company he anticipates will gain the most growth. As this is being written, new data is being generated at ten times the speed it was a year ago. With increasing demand for big data, cloud servers, and data storage, this company is well-positioned to reap the benefits.

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Special Report #4. The Pick for the #1 Pharma Stock Powered by AI

The last of the special reports covers a pharmaceutical stock powered by AI. In particular, the company under Jon’s radar supposedly uses a system that detects diseases and focuses on precision medicine treatments. The expert believes the company is already making breakthroughs, yet not a single analyst has recommended it.

Household AI: The Only Company That Can Bring AI to 100 Million Americans

A fifth bonus covers a company that hopes to bring AI home to hundreds of millions of Americans. In doing so, the general public will experience a significant change in people’s daily lives by employing generative AI. This is unheard of, as AI is primarily used in professional settings. Still, the company’s net income is said to have more than doubled and is currently at a low valuation. At least to Jon, the latter is an enticing offer that should not be passed up.

The Danger Stocks to Avoid Promptly

So far, we’ve only mentioned the potential stocks to hold in the upcoming year. What about the stocks Jon feels must be avoided (or sold) altogether? The one thing that he asked himself when arriving at his list was what kind of ripe environment a disruptive technology might bring. In other words, what companies are likely to become more or less obsolete due to an overwhelming increase in competition and new technological disruption?

This led the expert to 13 AI stocks people should avoid, including Altair Engineering, DocuSign, Elastic NV, Freshworks, IBM, Illumina, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Samsara, Shutterstock, Snapchat, Splunk Technology, and Spotify.

Other incentives for joining Disruptors & Dominators (once again, depending on the membership selected at checkout) include:

  • A whole year of monthly issues of Disruptors and dominators covering emerging technologies, new companies paving the path, and existing companies that have already dominated their respective industries
  • Timely buy, sell, and hold alerts to prevent any threats to one’s savings or retirement funds (though investment as a whole is a risky business to begin with)
  • One year premium access to 53,000 Weiss Ratings covering ratings on over 10,000 stocks, 3,000 ETFs, and 25,000 mutual funds
  • Access to Weiss Ratings Daily alerts, providing timely updates every morning, seven days a week
  • 100%, 365-day money-back guarantee

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How much does the Disruptors & Dominators membership cost?

It depends on the type of subscription individuals plan to invest in. Currently, there are two options to choose from, as listed below:

Standard Membership – $49

  • 12 monthly digital issues of Disruptors & Dominators
  • Special Report #1. The #1 AI Stock for 2024 to Buy Now
  • Special Report #2. My Pick for the #1 AI Software Stock Today
  • Special Report #3. My Pick for the #1 AI Stock for Big Data
  • Special Report #4. My Pick for the #1 Pharma Stock Powered by AI
  • 1-year access to Weiss Ratings Daily
  • 100%, 365-day money-back guarantee

Premium Membership – $78

  • Everything from the Standard Membership, with the 12 monthly issues provided digitally and in printed formats
  • Bonus Report #1. Household AI: The Only Company That Can Bring AI to 100 Million American Households
  • 24/7 premium access to 53,000 Weiss Ratings

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As for the money-back guarantee, members have 365 days from the date of purchase to evaluate Jon’s approaches to stock picking, their actual profitability, and access to resources for decision-making. If the Weiss Ratings team fails on any of these accounts, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of this policy, consider one of the following points of contact:

  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com
  • Phone (toll-free): 1 (877) 934 7778
  • Phone (international): 1 (561) 627 3300

Who is Jon Markman?

Jon Markman is the chief editor and megatrends analyst of Disruptors & Dominators. As per the CEO of Weiss Ratings, Martin Weiss, Jon is their in-house technology genius and AI expert. Since joining Weiss Ratings, the expert has worked extensively with their team of data scientists and analysts to improve the proprietary formulas behind the Weiss Stock Ratings. His career before joining this team was equivalently prosperous, if not more.

For instance, when Bill Gates was running the company, Jon was at Microsoft. During this period, he contributed to a computerized, algorithm-based stock picker app, StockScouter. He was also the managing director of Microsoft’s MSN Money website.

Other accomplishments that make Jon a fitting candidate for editor and expert in all things technology are as follows:

  • The winner of the Gerald Loeb Award for outstanding financial journalism
  • Award winner of the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi
  • Was part of the Los Angeles Times staff when they won Pulitzer Prizes
  • He is also the editor of Pivotal Point, The Power Elite, Weiss Technology Portfolio, and Bear & Bull Trader newsletters

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Final Thoughts on Disruptors & Dominators

Based on the above review, it should be clear that Weiss Ratings’ Disruptors & Dominators is a financial newsletter through which members can learn and put stock recommendations to the test within the technology sector. For those who are afraid of having missed the AI boat, it turns out it is an AI cruise, with a second wave unfolding as it is written. Jon has publicly disclosed which stocks, in his opinion, will be rendered obsolete by AI while focussing on sectors where AI has the potential to flourish in the coming year or so.

Unfortunately, some hints have been given about the sectors, but not enough to determine which companies he might be considering. This makes information access essential, and joining is unquestionably the only way. On membership, Disruptors & Dominators, a decent number of resources could support informed decision-making. The team ensured there weren’t too few or too many, as the former could lead to missing out on essential indicators. In contrast, the latter can make arriving at a final call complex and confusing.

The primary advantage of Weiss Ratings over comparable services is its proprietary formulas, which have been marginally modified over the previous fifty years. This suggests that they may be onto something regarding stock picking. Finally, individuals must weigh the pros and cons based on their final situations before starting, as risk is inherent.

To learn more about Jon Markman’s AI picks, visit Disruptors & Dominators here >>>


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