Nerve Fuel Reviews – Does It Work? Is NerveFuel Scam or Legit Nerve-Eez?

Nerve Fuel is a nerve pain relief supplement available exclusively online.

Priced at $69 for a one month supply, Nerve Fuel uses a blend of natural ingredients to fight back against nerve pain – including ingredients found in a 5-second Pacific recipe to promote natural nerve pain relief.

Does Nerve Fuel live up to the hype? How does Nerve Fuel work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Nerve Fuel today in our review.

What is Nerve Fuel?

Nerve Fuel is a nutritional supplement created by US Health Labs.

US Health Labs markets the supplement to anyone suffering from nerve pain – including tingling, numbness, or discomfort in your extremities.

Some diabetics experience nerve pain in their hands and feet. Others have nerve pain because of other conditions. By taking three capsules of Nerve Fuel daily, you can purportedly promote lasting nerve pain relief using a proven blend of natural ingredients.

Many of the ingredients in Nerve Fuel trace their roots to a “5-second Pacific recipe.” US Health Labs discovered that recipe, then decided to share it with the world.

Nerve Fuel is typically priced at $199 per bottle. However, as part of a 2024 promotion, you can pay just $69 per bottle or less when ordering Nerve Fuel online today.

Nerve Fuel Benefits

According to the official website, Nerve Fuel can provide benefits like:

  • Enjoy long-term relief from tingling, burning, and numbness
  • Support fast nerve pain relief
  • Blend of natural ingredients
  • Heal the nervous system from the inside out
  • Based on traditional remedy from South Pacific islands
  • Backed by 90 day moneyback guarantee

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How Does Nerve Fuel Work?

Nerve Fuel works by providing your body with a blend of ingredients linked to nerve pain relief.

The natural ingredients in Nerve Fuel can purportedly help the root cause of nerve pain: inflammation. High levels of inflammation indicate an overactive immune system. Your immune system is sending blood – which carries oxygen and nutrients – to the area to promote healing, but it’s not working, leading to unnecessary swelling and pain.

By taking three capsules of Nerve Fuel daily, you can use a blend of ingredients to target and relieve nerve pain. Some of those ingredients target a molecule called mir-21, while others target general biomarkers of inflammation. According to US Health Labs, high levels of inflammation lower mir-21 levels, leading to worsening nerve pain.

Here’s how the creator of Nerve Fuel explains the supplement’s method of action on the official website:

“By eliminating oxidative stress [i.e. inflammation] we could potentially eliminate nerve pain for good.”

Many of the ingredients in Nerve Fuel come from the island of Fiji. The supplement was developed in part by a former medical lab director who grew up in Fiji. He found certain natural ingredients helped with nerve pain, so he added those ingredients to a single, convenient, all-in-one supplement.

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Nerve Fuel Was Inspired by a 5-Second Island Recipe from the South Pacific

The ingredients in Nerve Fuel trace their roots to a tropical island in the South Pacific.

In fact, James Sullivan, who worked with US Health Labs to create the formula, describes Nerve Fuel as a “5-second ‘island recipe’ [that] eliminated my father’s nerve pain in record time.”

James and US Health Labs identified several islands in the South Pacific – including Fiji and Tahiti – with famously low rates of nerve pain and nerve dysfunction. They wanted to figure out why the island had such low rates of nerve pain – so they examined the average diet consumed by the islanders.

To make a long story short, James and US Health Labs identified a series of ingredients used as a natural remedy on a specific island in the South Pacific. When you take Nerve Fuel, you’re getting a condensed, concentrated version of several of these active ingredients, which could help promote your own nerve pain relief.

Nerve Fuel Targets Sensory Sabotage: The Root Cause of Nerve Pain

The makers of Nerve Fuel developed the supplement to target the root cause of nerve pain: sensory sabotage.

US Health Labs realized people who suffer from nerve pain all have a common issue: sensory sabotage. Diet, exercise, and conditions like diabetes also impact nerve pain. However, sensory sabotage is technically the root cause of nerve pain, according to US Health Labs.

By taking two capsules of Nerve Fuel daily, you can purportedly “eliminate nerve pain fast” by targeting sensory sabotage.

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Who Created Nerve Fuel?

Nerve Fuel was created by a man named James Sullivan, who partnered with US Health Labs to create the supplement.

James watched his father suffer from nerve pain for years. His nerve pain became so bad, in fact, that doctors told him they needed to amputate both his feet.

James’ father was taking a cocktail of prescription medication to manage his nerve pain, including Gabapentin, Lyrica, and Neurontin. These pills were supposed to help, but they barely gave him an hour of relief.

To make a long story short, James discovered the secret to relieving nerve pain on a remote island in the South Pacific. James gave these ingredients to his father, and he made a miraculous recovery, even walking out of the hospital on his own two feet.

James Discovers Little-Known Molecule Linked to Nerve Pain

James used his South Pacific remedy to relieve his father’s nerve pain. He attributes the success of the formula to a little-known molecule linked to nerve pain relief.

According to James’ research, that South Pacific remedy targets a natural molecule within the body linked to nerve pain.

That molecule is called mir-21. When levels of mir-21 are low, your body experiences more nerve pain. Low levels of mir-21 disrupt a protein linked to nerve pain. By raising levels of this molecule, you could target the root cause of nerve pain, giving you lasting relief.

Low levels of this molecule are also linked to “sensory sabotage,” the root cause of nerve pain mentioned above. Sensory sabotage can cause you to feel numbness or tingling in your extremities.

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Who is James Sullivan?

Nerve Fuel was created by James Sullivan, who lives just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

James has a background in science and medicine: he works as a laboratory technician at a local medical facility, and he spends most of his day working with doctors and nurses.

Using his experience in science and medicine, James attempted to treat his father’s diabetic neuropathy. He didn’t like seeing his father suffer from nerve pain, so he decided to research natural remedies.

To make a long story short, James told his father to take a specific blend of natural ingredients. He took those ingredients, then made a rapid recovery.

James Advises Against Taking Gabapentin

James’ father was taking gabapentin, the popular neuropathy drug commonly prescribed to diabetics and other neuropathy sufferers.

However, James now advises against taking gabapentin for multiple reasons, including:

First, James cites a study where gabapentin was no more effective than a placebo for relieving nerve pain. Participants took gabapentin or a placebo, and there was no difference between the two groups in terms of pain.

Second, James cites studies showing gabapentin increases the risk of suicide. Some studies have connected gabapentin to an increased risk of suicidal thoughts.

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Third, gabapentin and other nerve pain drugs don’t target the root cause of nerve pain; they simply manage its symptoms. You might feel short-term relief, but your condition doesn’t get better long-term.

James watched his father’s nerve pain get worse while taking gabapentin. His father also experienced painful side effects.

Finally, Gabapentin and other drugs are linked to high blood pressure, organ damage, and other painful side effects.

For all of these reasons, James seems to recommend against taking gabapentin for nerve pain. Instead, he recommends taking Nerve Fuel and the natural ingredients within the formula, which have been proven to work without side effects.

James Worked with Ratu Nacola to Create Nerve Fuel

James is a laboratory tech – not a doctor, nutritionist, or other expert. However, he works with plenty of doctors and other formal medical professionals.

To create Nerve Fuel, James claims to have teamed up with a colleague named Ratu Nacola, who used to serve as the director of the lab before working at a large pharmaceutical company.

Ratu is originally from Fiji, but he and his family now live in the United States.

Ratu told James about a series of natural ingredients – many of which are grown naturally in Fiji – that could eliminate the root cause of nerve pain.

James gathered the ingredients into a formula, and that formula is now available in the form of Nerve Fuel.

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Nerve Fuel Ingredients

Nerve Fuel contains a blend of herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients linked to nerve pain relief.

Many of the ingredients in Nerve Fuel are commonly found – and you may already be taking some of them daily. However, US Health Labs claims to have mixed these ingredients in a specific way to complement each other, amplifying their effects.

Here are all of the ingredients in Nerve Fuel and how they work:

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Nerve Fuel is a natural antioxidant found in certain foods – including taro leaf salads and coconut milk popular in Fiji. James, creator of Nerve Fuel, describes it as a “powerful antioxidant” that can reduce oxidative stress by “up to 90%.” It also reduces C-reactive protein, minimizes nerve pain, and supports healthy blood sugar, among other benefits. For all of these reasons and more, alpha lipoic acid is one of the most popular diabetes supplement ingredients available today.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: James describes acetyl L-carnitine as a “staple nutrient in the South Pacific diet,” claiming Fijians and other Pacific islanders take the nutrient regularly. L-carnitine is an amino acid found in certain types of meat, fish, nuts, fruits, and other foods. According to James, citing a recent study, acetyl L-carnitine has been shown to lower oxidative stress 200% more than a placebo. In another study, researchers found acetyl L-carnitine reduced nerve pain in a group of 45 participants over six months. By the end of the study, 77% of participants reported a significant reduction in nerve pain and a significant boost to quality of life.

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Ginger: Ginger is popular in the Pacific Islands, where it’s frequently used in cooking. James added it to the formula because it can lower oxidative stress significantly. In one study cited by James, ginger lowered oxidative stress 70%. Another study showed ginger can help with nerve pain, with people taking ginger in one study experiencing a 1,400% decrease in sciatic nerve pain versus a placebo.

Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is vital for nerve function. People who are deficient in vitamin B1 are more likely to experience tingling and numbness in their extremities. Vitamin B1 deficiency is also linked to low energy and other issues.

Vitamin B6: Vitamnin B6 is a cofactor in the production of enzymes linked to inflammation and nerve function. Like vitamin B1, vitamin B6 is also involved in energy production at the cellular level, and taking vitamin B6 could boost energy overall.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 helps reduce inflammation, according to James. It’s crucial for nerve function and cellular energy.

Magnesium Oxide: Magnesium oxide, according to James, helps reduce nerve pain by blocking calcium channels and inhibiting the release of pain-causing chemicals.

Zinc: Zinc helps reduce nerve pain by facilitating nerve repair. Your body needs zinc for its ordinary nerve repair processes. Without sufficient levels of zinc, your body won’t repair its nerves, leading to increasing nerve pain.

Acetyl L-Cysteine: Acetyl L-cysteine fights back against inflammation, oxidation, and nerve pain by helping your body produce glutathione, the “master antioxidant.” Glutathione is active throughout the body.

Bacopa Monnieri: Used in Ayurvedic medicine, bacopa monnieri is prized for its calming properties. According to James, compounds in bacopa monnieri can reduce inflammation. Bacopa monnieri is found in a variety of supplements – from blood sugar support formulas to nootropic brain booster supplements.

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Blueberry: Blueberry has antioxidant properties that could help with nerve pain and inflammation, according to James. Blueberry is rich with anthocyanins, which give blueberries their distinct color while also contributing antioxidant effects of their own.

Overall, Nerve Fuel contains 11 science-backed ingredients shown to help relieve nerve pain in multiple ways. By taking three capsules of Nerve Fuel daily, you could enjoy lasting relief.

Scientific Evidence for Nerve Fuel

The makers of Nerve Fuel cite studies from Harvard, UCLA, the University of Edinburgh, and other institutions to prove Nerve Fuel works as advertised. We’ll review this research below to determine how Nerve Fuel works and what the supplement does.

First, US Health Labs claims the Nerve Fuel formula is based off a traditional remedy used in Tahiti, Fiji, and other islands in the South Pacific. According to US Health Labs, these islands have famously low rates of nerve pain. In reality, Fiji is one of the most diabetic countries in the world, with nearly 1 in 3 Fijians – roughly 30% of the population – having diabetes. Most nerve pain sufferers have nerve pain because of diabetes, which is a condition called diabetic neuropathy. However, it’s possible some Fijians use the ingredients in Nerve Fuel to help manage their condition.

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As further proof Nerve Fuel works as advertised, US Health Labs claims 19,437 Americans have already used the supplement to enjoy powerful results. That would make Nerve Fuel one of the most popular – and bestselling – nerve pain relief supplements sold online today. Plus, the company claims it has received no reports of side effects, suggesting the formula is safe for anyone to take.

Nerve Fuel also claims to target a molecule called mir-21. Some researchers use mir-21 as a biomarker for multiple diseases – from cancer to heart disease. The molecule is one of the most abundant and highly conserved microRNAs (miRNAs) in the body. Nerve Fuel claims to raise levels of mir-21 to target the root cause of nerve pain.

Nerve Fuel is also based on the idea that inflammation is linked to nerve pain, and that lowering inflammation can eliminate the root cause of nerve pain. This connection appears to be true: many people with neuropathic pain also have high levels of inflammation. When your body is inflamed, you have an overactive immune response in the area that leads to numbness, tingling, and pain.

Alpha lipoic acid is linked to nerve pain, and many diabetics take alpha lipoic acid daily for nerve pain relief. As Mount Sinai explains, studies show taking alpha lipoic acid for diabetic neuropathy has been shown to reduce symptoms compared to placebo.

Similarly, acetyl L-carnitine has been studied for its effects on nerve pain and nerve regeneration. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Pain Research showed L-carnitine could help with painful peripheral neuropathy, supporting your body’s natural nerve regeneration processes for lasting relief.

Overall, Nerve Fuel contains 11 science-backed ingredients linked to nerve pain relief and blood sugar support. By taking three capsules daily, you could promote healthy inflammation and nerve pain relief throughout the body.

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Nerve Fuel Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Nerve Fuel has strong reviews online from customers who have experienced a range of significant effects from the formula. Some appear to have used the supplement to fight back against diabetic nerve pain (diabetic neuropathy), while others have used it for general health and wellness.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified buyers on the official website:

One customer claims his nerve pain was so bad that he couldn’t stand the feeling of bedsheets against his skin, describing the pain was “excruciating.” After taking Nerve Fuel, however, he has “no pain at all.”

Another customer avoided all of the things she loved to do because of her nerve pain – only to take Nerve Fuel and find rapid relief.

One customer claims he was suffering from nerve pain in his feet “for years” before taking Nerve Fuel, finding that “nothing worked” until he started to use Nerve Fuel. After taking Nerve Fuel, he was able to get the pain under control, claiming the formula “changed my life.”

One woman describes her choice to purchase Nerve Fuel as the “best decision ever,” claiming she was able to live her life without discomfort thanks to the supplement.

One woman found “things started to change faster than I expected” after taking Nerve Fuel for the first time. Now, thanks to Nerve Fuel, she can do her job without feeling stressed.

One man describes Nerve Fuel as “the answer to my prayers,” claiming he “went from having throbbing pain in my calves and shooting pains in my feet to being able to move freely without pain.”

James Sullivan, who helped create Nerve Fuel, used the formula to help his dad with nerve pain. James’ father’s nerve pain was so bad that doctors were preparing to amputate his feet. However, James’ dad was able to leave the hospital on his own two feet thanks to the natural ingredients in Nerve Fuel.

Nerve Fuel Pricing

Nerve Fuel typically costs $199 per bottle. However, the manufacturer has lowered the price to just $69 or less when ordering Nerve Fuel online today.


Here’s how much you pay when buying Nerve Fuel through the official website:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + $4.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping

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Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of Nerve Fuel, or 30 servings (90 capsules). You take three capsules daily to promote nerve pain relief.

Nerve Fuel Refund Policy

US Health Labs provides a 90 day moneyback guarantee on all Nerve Fuel purchases. You have 90 days to try the supplement and decide if you like it before requesting a refund for any reason.

About US Health Labs

US Health Labs manufactures Nerve Fuel at an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility within the United States.

US Health Labs teamed up with two men involved in science and medicine to create Nerve Fuel, including James Sullivan (a laboratory technician) and Ratu Nacola (the former director of that lab). Ratu is from Fiji and recommended using a series of natural ingredients to promote nerve pain relief, leading to the creation of Nerve Fuel.

You can contact US Health Labs and the Nerve Fuel customer service team via the official website.

Final Word

Nerve Fuel is a blood sugar support formula available online through NervePainHelper.com.

Normally priced at $199 per bottle, Nerve Fuel costs just $69 per bottle or less through a 2024 promotion. By taking three capsules of Nerve Fuel daily, you can use a blend of L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, and other ingredients to target the root cause of inflammation.

To learn more about Nerve Fuel and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.


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