Two arrested in Hoquiam drug bust

The arrests went without incident, said police

A nearly two-month investigation led to a pair of arrests on Friday as members of the county’s drug task force, aided by members of the Aberdeen and Hoquiam police departments, served a warrant at a Hoquiam residence.

Jordan Newton-Foster, 32, and Christ August, 42, were taken into custody without incident, said Sgt. Darrin King, supervisor of the task force.

“We had about a month and a half investigation of one of the guys dealing fentanyl powder. It ended up being two of the people at the location where one of them was kind of staying in the garage,” King said in a phone interview. “We did a pretty quick case on it and got the search warrant. They were both inside and we located some drugs and further evidence of dealing — digital scales and packaging material.”

The arrest was smooth, with no trouble from either suspect, King said. Eleven officers took part in serving the warrant and the arrests.

“When we bust people sometimes, they don’t want to be in that situation, but they’re in it,” King said. “You end up selling just to keep up with their own habit.”

Police seized about 40 grams of various drugs, King said — until they’re tested, it’s impossible to say what everything is with certainty, though King said the majority is likely to be either fentanyl powder or methamphetamine.

King said that he hoped the suspects would be able to get treatment for the drug use and take their lives in a different direction.

“That addiction is bigger than life once you’re at it. They’ve been in the game for a while. They’re no strangers to the game,” King said. “Hopefully they’ll have access to turn things around.”

The suspects are currently detained in the county jail, King said.

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