Strike over: Willapa teachers will get a 3.25% raise

The Willapa Valley school district and its teachers have agreed to a contract, both voting Monday to accept the pact and a two-week strike. All schools were scheduled to be open on Tuesday with regular bus routes and times.

Teachers will receive a 3.25% raise for 2019-20, retroactive to Aug. 28., 3% in 2020-21 and a further 3% in 2021-22. The teachers had been asking for more than 6% while the district was offering 2% before a tentative agreement was reached on Friday.

At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, when all teachers in the state received raises as a result of increased state funding driven by a lawsuit, Willapa teachers received a 23.7 percent raise.

The new contract also specifies additional paid non-teaching days, a special education target caseload of 25 students, bonuses for honor society, knowledge bowl and band and two personal days that can be rolled over up to six days.

“The gains in this contract will help teachers support our students in the classroom, and will help Willapa Valley remain competitive as it works to keep and attract qualified educators for our community,” said Dale Folkerts, Washington Education Association communications organizer.

“We know this strike has been difficult for our students, our staff and our community. But now the healing can begin, and a joint interest in building a strong school district and giving students the best education possible will bring us back together,” said Superintendent Nancy Morris.