Repairs scheduled for Westport Marina dock

The Port of Grays Harbor Commission voted Tuesday, Jan. 11, to move forward with a series of repairs on Float 21 at the Westport Marina that require immediate attention.

The float is exposed to the easterly entrance of the marina, and therefore is more susceptible to damage during strong storms, such as those that tore through Grays Harbor in the past week. The commission authorized Executive Director Gary Nelson to proceed with the needed repairs, which are estimated to cost over $100,000 and will come from the Capital Marina Budget.

“The dock at Float 21 end-tie is failing, requiring the installation of 2 new floats, 800 lineal feet of walers, and 400 lineal feet of coverboards,” said a report prepared by Contract Administrator and Facility Security Officer Mike Johnson.

TransOlympic Engineering was selected as the most qualified firm from the Port’s Architecture and Engineering Services Roster to provide certified plans and specifications for repairs to the float. After a resolution passed by the commission, Nelson now has the authority to award the repairs project to the lowest responsive bidder from the Port’s Small Works Roster. Bids will go out at the end of this week and are due on Jan. 25.

The project is constrained to a tight, two-week window, with staff hoping to begin repairs on Feb. 1 that must be completed by the allowed in-water work window ending Feb. 15. Staff is submitting permit applications with a request to extend the window to Feb. 28 in anticipation of disruptions, such as poor weather conditions.

The Planning Commission Board was also reorganized at Tuesday’s meeting, with Commissioner Tom Quigg stepping into the position of President in 2022. Phil Papac will serve as Vice President and Stan Pinnick will serve as Secretary this year.