Port commission candidates sitting for interviews

Meeting open to the public

This evening, Port of Grays Harbor commissioners will interview six candidates who have applied to fill the commission seat being vacated by Chuck Caldwell, who is resigning effective July 31.

The interviews are open to the public at a meeting that starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Port’s commission meeting room.

Each candidate is scheduled for a 30-minute time slot with the commissioners. The commission will meet again at 9 a.m. Tuesday to discuss the candidates and their qualifications. After that discussion, which is open to the public, the commission will vote on a replacement. Two more candidates applied but have withdrawn their names.

The commission is split into geographic districts and the soon-to-be open seat is for District 1, which covers the East County area. Whoever is chosen would have to stand for election in November of 2019. Port commissioners serve six-year terms.

Here are the candidates and information about them based on a questionnaire they filled out for the Port.

• Bob Bellamy, Montesano: Bellamy said he has owned several businesses in the past 40 years, including trucking, construction, logging, export trading, log brokering, timber sales.

• Jim Sorenson, Elma: Sorenson is currently the mayor of Elma and works as the testing and veterans coordinator for Grays Harbor College.

• Aaron Dierks, Elma: Dierks is project manager for the Pacific Seafood Group.

• Randy Dutton, Montesano: He is a retired Navy commander and manages his personal timberland.

• Jeff Meeks, Montesano: He works as the executive director of the Arc of Grays Harbor.

• Phil Papac, Montesano: Papac is co-owner of the Crow’s Nest restaurant in Montesano.