Missing boy found with father after Ocean Shores Police issue Amber Alert

Ocean Shores Police issued an Amber Alert for a missing 5-year-old child just before 2 p.m. Tuesday, but it was quickly resolved and the boy has been found.

The boy, identified as Timothy Cooper, who was taken from his grandmother’s house in Ocean Shores by his non-custodial father. Less than a half hour later, the boy was found by police with his father.

When the Amber Alert went out, the boy’s father Thomas Cooper was walking on the beach with his son, and noticed the alert on his own phone according to Ocean Shores Sgt. Dave McManus. After seeing the alert, Thomas began walking back towards his home when police intercepted him, McManus said.

“With the father, they were just walking on the beach, he didn’t realize there was a problem,” said McManus. “It’s a big custody thing, and we’re still sorting it all out.”

The father, Thomas Cooper, has a “history of behavior that leads us to have great concern for the child’s safety,” Ocean Shores Police Chief Neccie Logan wrote in the initial press release before the boy was found.