Hospital District 1 candidates

Three candidates are running for a Hospital District 1 seat that will be on primary ballots (Aug. 1).

The primary ballots will feature a race for a commissioner seat for Grays Harbor Hospital District 1 (Summit Pacific Medical Center). Carolyn Wescott, Georgette Beerbower Hiles and Otis Leathers all have filed for the position.

The Vidette made multiple attempts to contact each candidate with the same questionnaire. Hiles and Westcott both submitted their questionnaires by press deadline.

Carolyn Wescott lives in Elma. She is a certified reflexologist and owner of South Shore Massage and Reflexology. Her past public service experience includes four years as a volunteer for the local Cub Scouts, 18 months as varsity scout chair, four years as a water aerobics instructor, fundraising coordinator for local uninsured medical patients, volunteer work for local schools and the local genealogical society, and she currently serves as a volunteer of the “quality control committee” at Summit Pacific.

Georgette Beerbower Hiles lives in Elma. She is retired. Her past public service experience includes time spent with the Elma High School CTE advisory group, and as the Elma High School band booster secretary-treasurer.

Why are you the best candidate to serve the hospital district?

Wescott: Health is my passion. I believe that everyone should have access to whole healthcare, which is made up of doctors and procedures, but it’s more, it’s also finding ways to enhance the healing process, increase health and improve the Quality of life for each individual. My business is about helping people on this personal journey, and as a member of the board I would take that vision with me. I would be a voice to represent our community and work with the district to meet those needs.

Hiles: I am retired and have the time to represent the community. I have 24 years experience working in the business side of the hospital district.

Do you agree with the direction the hospital district has been going? Why?

Wescott: Absolutely. This hospital district team has such a wonderful vision. They are seeing the needs of the community and working at meeting them with things like the Summit Wellness Center, coming in 2018. This new addition is bringing in rehabilitation and other much-needed specialties; they are focusing on the whole person. Taking it one step further, they are already offering free community classes on things like diabetes, naturopathy, lower back pain, stroke awareness—all free and open to the community to educate, listen to and give back to the community to meet our individual “whole health” needs. As a volunteer I have been there to see what an incredible effort the Summit Pacific Medical team makes to listen to every voice and respond to every person, and yet they are still focused on improvement.

Hiles: Yes, I agree with the direction the district is going because the goal is to have the necessary providers and facilities to care for the members of our community and the surrounding area.

Are there any improvements you would hope to make within the hospital district?

Wescott: I believe the hospital district is already working hard to meet our needs. If anything, I want to help facilitate the communication between community and hospital district, and find out what additional ideas they have for our future. So with your voice, the district’s vision for the healthiest community, my passion to support you, we will be an amazing team, a team for your health; and that’s a team I want to be on.

Hiles: At this time I cannot think of any but I welcome comments or concerns from the community.