Filing week opens for dozens of offices in the county

Rich Hartman seeking OS council seat

By noon on Monday, a couple of dozen candidates had already filed to run for office in Grays Harbor County, with a long list of municipal elections on the line.

Filing closes at 4 p.m. Friday.

The primary election is not until August, with the general election in November. If there are more than two candidates for a position, only the top two would move on to the general.

The most familiar name on the list isn’t familiar in the context of politics. It’s longtime car dealership owner Rich Hartman, of Five Star Dealerships. Hartman lives in Ocean Shores and filed for a city council position there. Patric Hayes also filed for the seat.

Most of the races in odd-year elections are for city councils, school boards and other municipal jurisdictions, but there are some countywide positions on the ballot. Norma Tillotson, who was appointed to be the county’s prosecutor when former prosecutor Katie Svoboda was appointed to the Superior Court, filed for election Monday. So did Stan Pinnick, running for re-election as a Port of Grays Harbor commissioner.

Here is a rundown on filings so far.

Park District 1, Position 3, Kelly Redford

Oakville Mayor (Unexpired term) Angelo Cilluffo

Grays Harbor Prosecutor (Unexpired term), Norma J. Tillotson

Port District, Commissioner 3, Stan Pinnick

Public Hospital Hospital District 2, District 5, Becky Walsh

Aberdeen Council, Ward 3 Position 5, LizEllis

McCleary Mayor, Chris Miller

Montesano Council, Position 1, Clint Bryson

Montesano Council, Position 2, Rollin Caryl

Montesano Council, Position 3, Holly Shuck

Montesano Council, Position 6, Brooke Chapman-Hoiness

Montesano Council, Position 6, Tyler Trimble

Oakville Council, Position 4, Julie Zehe

Ocean Shores Council, Position 5, Lisa Scott

Ocean Shores Council, Position 5, Patrick Daugherty

Ocean Shores Council, Position 1, Susan Conniry

Ocean Shores Council, Position 7, Rich Hartman

Ocean Shores Council, Position 7,Patric Hayes

Westport Council, Position 1, Brylie Jarnes

Westport Council, Position 2 (Unexpired,) Brennan Jarnes

Hoquiam Council Ward 1 Position 2, Paul McMillan

Hoquiam Council Ward 2 Position 4, Jim George

Ocosta School District, Position 4, Taylor Miller

Hoquiam School District, Position 4, Chris Eide

Hoquiam School District, Position 5, Tanya Bowers Anderson

Taholah School District, Position 3, Bill Adams

Mary M Knight School Director District 2, Shawn P Donnelly

Fire District 17, Position 3, Rick Ransom