Cosi Lions have medical equipment to loan out

The Cosmopolis Lions Club’s Durable Medical Equipment Recycling Project loans out needed medical equipment to members of the community.

The medical equipment includes crutches, walkers, canes, commodes, medical trays, manual wheelchairs — as well as motorized equipment — and hospital beds available to loan at no cost to people in the greater Grays Harbor area. Patrons sign out an item as a loan then return it after use.

“With the cost of medical equipment and rentals going up, this is a valuable service to Grays Harbor residents that are going through physical therapy or for the elderly,” said Ben King, a Lion member and manager of the program.

“We loan them out at no charge and tell people to keep them as long as they are needed, but to return them when they are finished using them, so we can loan them again to others,” said Gene Parker, another club member.

The Lions noted that they are grateful to everyone who contributes donations of equipment guaranteeing the success of this program.

The medical equipment loan program has served hundreds of individuals over the 15 years of its existence. Currently, the demand has been exceeding the supply of equipment and the Lions Club is requesting that any citizens who have durable medical equipment that is no longer being used to consider donating it to the Lions. All donated items should be clean and in good working condition. Arrangements can be made for a Lions member to pick up your donated medical equipment.

For equipment loans or donations, please contact the Cosmopolis Lions Club at 360-532-7779, Lion Ben King at 360-581-0247 or Lion Gene Parker at 360-590-7073. You can also email the club at: