Construction of roundabout on U.S. 12 near Oakville finished

  • Tue Sep 8th, 2020 3:30pm
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The Chronicle

Construction of the new single-lane roundabout at the intersection of US 12 and Anderson Road near Oakville is wrapping up after two months, according to a Friday press release by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The new intersection, which lies on the boundary between Grays and Thurston counties, is meant to be safer and prevent collisions. It will also be big enough for ambulances, farming equipment, and large trucks.

Drivers will need to slow down before entering the roundabout.

However, according to WSDOT, the new feature will ultimately improve traffic flow, save money, and provide access to pedestrians.

The project cost the state under $3,000.

The roundabout cuts off access to Anderson Road north of US 12. According to WSDOT, drivers will instead need to use Sickman-Ford Road or Moon Road Southwest.