Armory fire investigation on hold until next week

Aberdeen City Officials say the investigation into the Armory Building fire won’t be completed until July 10.

At Wednesday’s Aberdeen public safety committee meeting, Fire Chief Tom Hubbard explained that one of the investigation teams wasn’t able to meet again until July 9, which has stalled the investigation until then.

“They’ve done a lot of preliminary (work), but had to pull back and wait for a group that can get there on the 9th,” said Hubbard who anticipates it then being completed by July 10.

According to Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson, there are four investigation teams representing the different insurance companies involved. These include the City of Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Museum of History, and the Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP).

Until the investigation is completed, Hubbard said there would be no chances to salvage things from the building.

“We can’t just open the doors and say, ‘Go get your stuff.’ That’s not going to work,” said Hubbard.

“We know there are things in the museum that can still be salvaged. But until the investigation is complete, that’s a scene that cannot be disturbed. They have to finish their cause and origin.”

Larson said he does want to have a public meeting to discuss where the museum should be moved to, but that he doesn’t want to do so until the investigation is completed.