Amanda Ransom’s band a Saturday night highlight in Aberdeen

A clear Saturday night in Aberdeen set the stage for a band full of talented artists to show thirsty audience members what they do best — perform live.

After a rousing cover of Sublime’s “Love is what I got,” Amanda Ransom checked in with the crowd at Mount Olympus Brewing (MOB) — 105 W. Heron St. — to see how the band sounded.

The audience applauded and Ransom smiled.

“Awesome! That makes me happy!” Ransom said.

Graysen Foust was on guitar and vocals, Chloe Pinckney was on bass and Mat Smaciarz was on the drums. Saturday night was the first time all four members had played a live show together. The band’s near two-hour show caused the crowd to tap their feet, some to bob their heads, and others to clap.

Ransom explained why they don’t really make a setlist.

“Quite honestly, we just choose them on the spot based off of what we think is best for the crowd,” Ransom said. “We never really stick to a set. We just have a list.”

The lack of a cemented setlist proved to be the right choice.

One of the sonic treats of the evening was the band’s acoustic cover of the Foo Fighters’ song “Everlong.” Normally sung with a much deeper voice from Dave Grohl, instead Ransom gave the lyrics a unique touch. Her higher voice, yet a little bluesy on this song, struck a chord. It gave the rock song another delightful element.

“Everlong” was also one of the points where Smaciarz made his mark.

Smaciarz beat his small drum set with the sort of electricity you’d expect from a song that’s one of the Foo Fighters’ most famous tracks. Smaciarz even equipped red tambourines to his sneakers, which one audience member couldn’t stop pointing out.

Foust starred during “Everlong” as well. It doesn’t seem to be as hard to do any task when its something you love.

“That’s my favorite song to play guitar to, is ‘Everlong’” Foust said after the concert.

Both Foust and Ransom said it was the best sounding cover throughout the evening.

Throughout the show, Ransom and Foust’s connection was clear. The keyboardist and guitarist were in sync.

Another popular song choice the band covered was Nirvana’s “Polly.” The crowd loved it. After performing the song. Foust showed off the yellow Nirvana smiley face tattooed on his upper right arm and smiled to the crowd.

After the song, Smaciarz wanted to up the speed of song choices. He suggested Metallica.

Ransom declined with thick sarcasm.

“Finally some Metallica … not!” Ransom said.

Another one of the highlights later in the show was the energetic rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.” Ransom starred as she hit the high notes with ease. The song was another one of Ransom’s favorites of the show.

During the second half of the set, the band went a little bit country. Ransom explained why, just after they played The Chicks’ “Wide Open Spaces.”

“We have another country song,” Ransom said. “That’s just kind of my vibe right now.”

And then, after the show’s end, Ransom thanked the crowd.

While the weather got a little cold later in the evening, the people stayed. Combining the tunes with delicious beer battered fries, nachos, other items, and beer, doesn’t hurt. Katie Gonsalves, manager at MOB, was happy to have the bar and restaurant host the band.

“It was a really good turnout, which was great,” said Gonsalves, who also couldn’t pick a favorite song the band played during the night. “They were all great.”

Ransom, who has played with Foust and Smaciarz before, wanted to add Pinckney. It was clearly the right choice as her low-toned strings added the layering a band needs to sound full.

“I think it was great considering it was our first time playing all four of us together,” Ransom said. “A lot of times it’s me, Graysen and Mat, the drummer, but we added Chloe into the mix just because she’s so awesome and she adds a lot to the show.”

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