Truck glances two students in Hoquiam crosswalk

The children were treated for minor injuries.

An unloaded log truck making a left off Emerson Avenue Tuesday afternoon struck two students walking home from school, injuring them noncritically.

Both students, 14-year-old girls, were treated for bumps and scrapes and one was treated for a possible concussion, said Hoquiam Police Department Lt. Brian Dayton.

“At approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon, shortly after school was let out, a 55-year-old Aberdeen man was driving a log truck westbound on Emerson,” Dayton said in a phone interview. “Talking to the driver, he said the sun was in his eyes when he was making the turn.”

The driver took immediate action but still struck the students a glancing blow, Dayton said.

“There was an indication that he braked. There were some short skidmarks on the roadway,” Dayton said. “It doesn’t look like he was traveling at excessive speed or any signs of impairment on his part.”

The driver was cited for the incident, Dayton said.

“He was issued an infraction for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk,” Dayton said.

Washington State Patrol also investigated the truck for any mechanical issues which could have led to the crash, Dayton said.

“Do due diligence and make sure the roadway is clear,” Dayton said. “It’s not just cars you have to look out for, it’s people too.”

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