Speeding motorcyclist injured in crash

A motorcyclist traveling at an excessive rate of speed was injured in a motor vehicle crash Tuesday evening.

The motorcyclist, a 26-year-old man, was traveling westbound on state Route 8 near Elma at approximately 90 mph when he passed a state trooper traveling the other direction, who turned to give pursuit, said Trooper Katherine Weatherwax of the Washington State Patrol in a message.

By the time the trooper caught up, the motorcyclist had been involved in a crash with another vehicle. The motorcyclist was conscious and breathing but was transported to Summit Pacific Medical Center, Weatherwax said. The other driver was not injured.

The driver is to be charged for reckless driving, Weatherwax said.

“Nice weather brings out more motorcycles and riders are not invincible, and need to follow all laws and be extra vigilant,” Weatherwax said. “It’s way harder for a vehicle to see you at 90 m.p.h., let alone 60 m.p.h.”

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