Restaurants that are still cooking in Grays Harbor County as of March 20

This is an alphabetical list of restaurants for which we have received or found information as of Friday morning, March 20.

Compiled by Kat Bryant

Grays Harbor News Group

As of Friday, most of the Harbor’s restaurants were still serving up takeout (some with curbside service), and a few are temporarily offering delivery. As things are changing on a daily basis, it’s best to call before leaving home to confirm a specific location is open.

For those who do not wish to go out, several third-party delivery services are available in Grays Harbor County, including:

• (any store, pharmacy or restaurant)

• (restaurants)

• (Safeway only)

Below is an alphabetical list of eateries for which we have received or found information as of Friday morning, March 20. They are open regular hours unless otherwise specified. Most have websites and/or Facebook pages where you can find their menus. To minimize wait times, it’s best to call ahead to place orders.

To be added to this listing, or to update us with any changes, please email Kat Bryant at We will post periodic updates.

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Alec’s by the Sea: Offering takeout daily Monday-Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. 360-289-4026.

All Wrapped Up: Offering delivery (in Montesano only) from 8 to 11 a.m. daily; takeout available during regular hours. 360-249-6694.

Aloha Alabama BBQ: Takeout and curbside service. Also offering delivery of full dinners. 360-268-7299 or visit their Facebook page for details.

Al’s Hum-Dinger: Business as usual. 360-533-2754.

Amore Italian Restaurant: Curbside service, dinner only. 360-533-2442.

Barge: Takeout only. 360-942-5100.

Beach Daisy: Drive-through open.

Bear’s Den: Takeout and drive-through service. 360-495-3822.

Bee Hive: Temporarily closed.

Bennett’s Fish Shack (Ocean Shores): Takeout only. 360-289-2847.

Bennett’s Fish Shack (Westport): Temporarily closed.

Big Nick’s Pizza: Takeout and delivery. 360-934-5735.

Blackbeard’s Brewery: Curbside pickup for food and growlers. 360-268-7662.

Blue Beacon: Closed indefinitely (unrelated)

Blue Buoy: Takeout and curbside service, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. 360-268-7065.

Boxcar Bar & Grill: Lunch takeout only. 360-533-1471.

Brass Hub: Drive-through open.

Brunch 101: Curbside service and local delivery. 360-986-3093.

Burger King (Aberdeen and Elma): Drive-through open.

Canton Cafe: To-go orders only starting Tuesday. 360-533-1770 between 4 and 11 p.m.

Casa Mia: Closed until further notice.

Cascade Pizza: Takeout and delivery. 360-482-2006.

Chinese Village: Takeout only, lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays. 360-533-1485.

Clarks Restaurant: Car hop will take your order in the parking lot, or call 360-538-1487 and pick it up at the window.

Coffee Coop: Drive-through open.

Coffeeman Espresso: Drive-through open.

Cranberry Road Winery: Takeout and delivery, Friday-Sunday only. 360-268-7082.

Crow’s Nest: Drive-through and curbside delivery. 360-249-5505.

Dairy Queen (all locations): Drive-through open.

Deen Dogs: Take-out service only. 360-533-8804.

Deidra’s Deli: Takeout only. 360-538-5880.

Denny’s: Offering online ordering with delivery. Visit

Double Barrel BBQ: Takeout and delivery. 360-500-5872.

Duffy’s: Takeout specials daily. 360-532-3842.

Dugan’s Pizza: Delivery, takeout and curbside service. 360-289-2330.

Domino’s Pizza: Contact-free delivery and curbside service upon request. 360-533-3500.

8th Street Ale House: Closing for maintenance and deep cleaning.

El Tequilerio (at Rancho Alegre Meats): Offering $4 delivery within Cosmopolis, Aberdeen and Hoquiam area. 360-637-8714.

El Rancho: Call for updates, 360-249-5500.

Elma Lanes: Takeout only. 360-482-2111.

Fat Marty’s Tacos: Delivery and takeout. 562-618-1285.

Fishing Hole: Temporarily closed.

Frontager’s Pizza: Takeout. 360-276-0297.

Hoquiam Brewery: Offering curbside delivery and takeout, with delivery service coming Tuesday. Full menu and growler fills available. Shorter hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 360-637-8252.

Galway Bay: Closing for maintenance and deep cleaning.

Game Day Sports Bar & Grill: Takeout and delivery. 360-637-9649.

Gene’s Stop & Go: Business as usual. 360-249-8159.

Gepetto’s: Takeout only. 360-249-4445.

Green Lantern Pub: Takeout and growler fills only, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 360-289-2297.

Grizzly Den: Drive-through, takeout and delivery options. Employees will come to the parking lot to take and deliver orders. 360-537-9840.

Happy Teriyaki: Takeout only. 360-533-1500.

Hearty Galley: Drive-through open. Call ahead, 360-268-0909.

Home Port: Temporarily closed.

Hong Kong Restaurant: Temporarily closed. 360-533-7594.

Hoquiam Brewing Co.: Takeout food and growler fill-ups. 360-637-8252.

Huckle-Bearies: Drive-through open.

Jitter House: Takeout only; closed Sundays. 360-580-8581.

La Unica Bakery: Takeout only. 360-33-9902.

La Salvadorena: Takeout only. 360-532-8747.

Las Maracas (Ocean Shores): Takeout and local delivery. 360-289-2054.

Las Maracas (Raymond): Takeout only. 360-942-6151.

Lighthouse Drive-in: Drive-through open. Call 360-533-4841.

Lighthouse Bistro: Takeout and curbside service. 360-268-7009.

Linda’s/Ocean Shores Bakery: Takeout. 360-500-2876.

Local Bar & Grill: Takeout window open. 360-267-5071.

Los IV Hermanos: Takeout and delivery. 360-289-0481.

Lucky Dragon: Takeout only; closed Mondays. 360-289-2868.

Koko’s Mexicana Latino Cuisine: Takeout menu available, with 20% discount for families. 360-276-1090.

Mama B’s Bakery and Restaurant: Curbside and local delivery. 360-268-7436.

Maxi Teriyaki: Takeout only. 360-533-4789.

Mazatlan: Takeout only at both Aberdeen locations. Curbside service available. 360-532-0940.

McDonald’s (stand-alone locations): Drive-through and curbside service.

Mike’s Seafood: Takeout only. 360-289-0532.

Miller House: Takeout only. 360-482-4868.

Moby Dick: Takeout and delivery. 360-289-0532.

Ocean Beach Roasters: Breakfast and lunch takeout. 360-289-3100.

Ocean Palace: Takeout and delivery. 360-533-6966.

Ocean Wings: Takeout and delivery. 360-200-8612.

Oh My Donuts: Open 6 a.m. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. weekends for takeout only. 360-637-8713.

Oishi Teriyaki: Takeout. 360-249-2426.

Our Place, Ocean Shores: Breakfast and lunch takeout and delivery; closed Tuesdays. 360-940-7314.

Oyhut Bay Grill / Loft: Temporarily closed.

Organics 101: Takeout only. 360-249-8371.

Mt. Olympus Brewing: Beer and growler fill-ups only, with reduced hours.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza: Business as usual.

Peppermint Parlor: Temporarily closed.

Pioneer Grill: Takeout only. 360-482-5556.

Pirate’s Cove: Temporarily closed.

Pizza Hut: Dining room is closed; business as usual for delivery and carryout. 360- 533-4545.

Porthole Pub: Temporarily closed.

Pub Monte: Limited menu of family-style meals and take-and-bake pizza, curbside pickup or delivery, 5 to 7 p.m. daily. 360-968-3976.

Rain Country Restaurant: Takeout and delivery only. 360-495-3600.

Raymond Grocery & Teriyaki: Takeout only. 360-875-8294.

Red Genie Pizza: Takeout only. 360-289-8144.

Red Velvet Bakery by the Sea: Takeout only. 360-556-1468.

Rediviva: Takeout only; closed Sundays and Mondays. 360-637-9259.

Reino/Ocean Market: Takeout only. 360-289-3058.

Rose’s Taqueria: 360-637-8124 to order takeout or delivery. Curbside pickup offered.

Rusty Anchor: Takeout only. 360-289-3315.

Rusty Tractor: Closed until full-service dining is deemed safe again.

Samurai Sushi: Take-out service only; please call ahead, 360-612-3229.

Savory Faire: Order online or call 360-249-8150 for takeout.

Sgt. Brand’s BBQ: Takeout only. 360-591-9605.

Sheila’s Kountry Kitchen: Takeout and local delivery. 360-875-6773.

Shore Shack: Drive-through open.

ShuJack’s Bar & Grill: Takeout and delivery (5-mile radius). 360-482-1276.

Simpson Avenue Grill: Serving food to go. 360-533-8907.

Slater’s Diner: Takeout and curbside service. 360-942-5109.

Smitty’s In & Out: Takeout only. 360-482-2912.

Speed Bowls: Takeout. 360-986-3964.

Starbucks: All non-drive-through locations nationwide shut down as of Friday afternoon. Windows are still open.

Steam Donkey Brewing: Growlers available to go. Call 360-637-9431 for curbside service.

Stowaway Wine and Cheese Shop: Wine and charcuterie for pickup. 360-276-1091.

Sweet Life: Pints and ice cream sandwiches for pickup. 253-906-0624.

Subway (all Harbor locations): Offering takeout and online ordering.

Surf House Espresso: Offering food and drinks to go only.

Taqueria San Jose: Takeout only. 360-538-4855.

Thian’s Thai Fusion: Temporarily closed.

Twin Cups Espresso: Drive-through open.

Umi Sushi: Takeout only. 360-289-2293.

Urban Juice Factory: Takeout with lunchtime-only hours. 360-964-4119.

Viet Hoa: Takeout only; closed Mondays. 360-2899-2818.

Westport Winery: Closing indefinitely. 360-648-2224.

Westside Pizza (Aberdeen and Montesano): Dining room is closed, but delivery and carryout are still available — contact-free upon request. 360-533-8000 (Aberdeen) or 360-249-4700 (Monte).

Wheelhouse Restaurant: Takeout lunch and dinner, with local delivery in Grayland. 360-268-7154.

Wild Man Brewing: Takeout and curbside service. 360-875-8025.