Rescued bunnies galore available for adoption through PAWS

The Easter bunny has come and gone this year, but there are lots of cute, cuddly bunnies looking for new homes right here on the Harbor.

“Last year, the Seattle Animal Shelter rescued more than 200 rabbits and guinea pigs from a terrible hoarding situation. They nursed the animals back to health, and then reached out to PAWSGH to see if we could help,” said Bill Breedlove, GHPAWS executive director.

“At first we thought we couldn’t — the shelter isn’t set up for small animals — but then we thought if everyone in the community worked together, there might be something we could do for these ‘Big City Bunnies.’

“We got in contact with the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds, and they graciously allowed us to have use of their bunny barn” to house rabbits.

And now those bunnies are ready to be adopted. They are all up-to-date on vaccinations and have been spayed/neutered.

“Folks can go to our website at and view photos of all the adoptable rabbits,” continued Breedlove. “They can fill out an online adoption application and someone will contact them to move forward with the goal of adoption” taking place Sunday, April 11.

The organization is also looking for donations to help cover the care of the bunnies. Check out PAWS’ website for more details about donating and volunteering.