Police bust convenience store employee for drug sales

The store location itself is not suspected of any further wrongdoing, said an officer from the sheriff’s office

Personnel from the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force made a pair of arrests and seized drugs, vehicles, firearms and cash as part of an investigation into a convenience store employee selling drugs at work.

Christopher Charles Impey, 34, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the 7-Eleven where he worked on South Boone Street in Aberdeen at 3 p.m. by members of the task force, according to a news release from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

“We had him identified rather quickly,” said Chief Criminal Deputy Kevin Schrader of the sheriff’s office in a phone interview. “We moved on this investigation a little more quickly than usual because it was out of business.”

Members of the task force, which include detectives from the Aberdeen and Hoquiam police departments and personnel from the sheriff’s office, executed search warrants on Impey’s residence, locating:

• 1.95 pounds of methamphetamine

• 1,128 fentanyl pills

• 6.4 grams of cocaine

• 2.25 pounds of marijuana

About $2,800 and seven firearms were also seized. The total bulk value of the drugs seized was around $25,000, primarily from the methamphetamine, Schrader estimated, which would balloon to around $100,000 in assessed value when broken down into street-level doses and prices.

The 7-Eleven location is not suspected of further involvement, Schrader said.

“They have been cooperating with the investigation,” Schrader said. “It was temporarily closed for a short while while the detectives conducted a quick search of the location.”

Alaya Nicole Coleman, 25, was also arrested for her association with Impey. Coleman was found with 21 grams of methamphetamine and 71.5 grams of marijuana.

“It’s a continuing investigation,” Schrader said. “We’re going to continue to identify those he was selling to.”

Both Coleman and Impey were transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail on charges of Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act — intent to deliver.

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