Moclips shooting victim’s father one of two arrested in May 18 incident

Updated June 3

Two suspects in the May 18 shooting death of 36-year-old Zachary Christensen were arraigned last week in connection with the death, including the victim’s father.

James Dean Christensen, 62, of Moclips is described as the victim’s father in court documents filed May 20. He is held on $250,000 bond in Grays Harbor County Jail on charges of first degree manslaughter and second degree assault.

Also arrested in connection with the shooting death is Martha Eileen Froehlich, 46, also known as Angel Taylor, of Moclips. She is held on $500,000 bond for first degree manslaughter, second degree assault and second degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Froehlich was arraigned May 27; James Christensen on May 28.

According to declaration of probable cause documents filed in Superior Court, the incident reportedly began when a woman, who early in the investigation had been identified as a person of interest, Laraciana M. Broussard-James, also known as Lala, entered James Christensen’s residence without permission and left with a pair of his reading glasses.

James Christensen told his son, Zachary, that Broussard-James had taken the reading glasses and the younger Christensen was joined by Froehlich. Froelich and Zachary Christensen went to Broussard-James’ trailer, located on the same property, to confront her, according to court documents.

Court documents say James Christensen initially told investigators he saw his son and Froehlich struggling with Broussard-James over James Christensen’s .410 shotgun, heard a bang, then saw his son walking toward him, saying he was shot. The younger Christensen then collapsed. James Christensen drove his son to the Pacific Beach Fire Department for aid; Zachary Christensen later died from his wounds.

When Broussard-James was located, she told a different story. Court documents state she, Froehlich and Zachary Christensen were involved in a physical altercation wherein Zachary Christensen struck her several times with his shotgun; investigators said the woman had injuries consistent with such an assault.

Broussard-James said Froehlich at some point pulled a handgun from a leather pouch, and that Zachary Christensen was shot by Froehlich.

A female witness told investigators she had given a ride to Froehlich, who asked her to hide a pistol after the incident. She told investigators she hid the pistol in the woods in a Ziploc bag. Investigators recovered the pistol, a Colt .22 caliber semi-automatic with a wooden handle.