Grays Harbor County has recorded its 75th case.

Grays Harbor County has recorded its 75th case.

Latest update shows 6 more Covid cases

The number of positive Covid-19 cases in Grays Harbor County jumped by six on Sunday, from numbers previously updated Thursday.

That’s 81 total since the county’s first case, in February. The county records positive cases based on the onset of symptoms.

The county’s website attributes more than half the total number of cases, 41, to this month, and one Covid-19 related death. A second death is under investigation.

County Health Director Karolyn Holden said last week that the surge in case numbers was not because of increased testing.

“There is some conversation out there about the idea we’re finding more cases because we’re doing more testing, but what it shows is we’ve had high positives showing up at times when there is less testing,” she said. “That suggests the recent surge is related to increased transmission and not increased testing.”