Hoquiam approves near $40,000 bid to demolish ‘dangerous building’

A building in Hoquiam has been deemed to be “dangerous,” and now the city is taking care of it.

The Hoquiam City Council unanimously approved a bid of $39,372 from Quigg Bros., Inc., to demolish the building at 509 Simpson Ave. The bid, on staff recommendation, “includes Washington state sales tax and that staff has the authority to negotiate any necessary change orders that arise on the project.”

It’s “the green building that’s right next to Buddy Moo’s,” according to Brian Shay, Hoquiam’s city administrator.

The building “has been condemned for several years,” city documents state. “Upon completion of the demolition, the city will file a lien on the property and initiate foreclosure to recoup our expenses.”

Steven Puvogel, city council president, said the building is a “safety issue.”

Quigg Bros., Inc., beat out four other bids. 3 Kings Construction’s bid, at $48,389, was the second lowest bid. Rognlin’s, Inc., was the third lowest bid at $50,639. Connell Tractor had the fourth lowest bid of $68,058. Ken Miller Construction had the highest bid of $94,372.

Shay said this process will probably start in about three weeks.

“But these are a little bit tricky in the sense that this is privately-owned,” Shay said about the process. “So the building department will need to work with the court to get a search warrant so they can go in … the demolition. And then once we get the search warrant, we have to do it in like 10 days. So it happens quick once you get the search warrant. We’ll get it all coordinated. I would think within 30 days, it’ll be gone.”

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