Fire District 2 responds to Brady trailer fire

Swift actions by the resident effectively curtailed the spread of the fire, firefighters said.

Grays Harbor Fire District 2 responded to an early-morning trailer fire on Wednesday, knocking it down before it could spread far.

The resident’s actions, closing the door on the burning room and pointing firefighters toward the blaze despite having minor burns and smoke inhalation, were crucial to limiting the damage, said District 2 Chief John McNutt.

“He did an excellent job,” McNutt said in an interview. “He actually shut the door and kept the fire contained to that room.”

The initial call came from the resident a bit after 5 a.m., McNutt said.

“We were dispatched out at 5:12,” McNutt said. “The first unit was on scene at 5:25.”

The fire occurred on the Monte Elma Road, McNutt said, in District 2’s area of operation on the far side of Montesano from their station. When they arrived on scene, the trailer’s single occupant directed firefighters to the burning room, McNutt said.

“There was heavy smoke,” McNutt said. “We were able to extinguish it with a minimum of water.”

East Grays Harbor Fire & Rescue and the Montesano Fire Department both provided mutual assistance, McNutt said, praising their cooperation. A total of 12 firefighters and volunteers from the three departments responded to the call.

The fire appears to have started near a power strip, McNutt said, and the origin was electrical in nature.

“We traced it down to the area around a surge protector and other electronics,” McNutt said.

The resident was treated and transported for minor burns and smoke inhalation, McNutt said.

“A trailer manufactured home … the stop we had was really amazing because those things go up fast,” McNutt said.

All pets in the residence were also confirmed alive and well, McNutt said, save one cat whose absence is probably accounted for by the cat likely remaining hidden after the fire.

In the case of structure fires, closing the doors can contain the spread of the fire, McNutt said. It’s also important to check fire extinguishers to make sure their powder is loose by shaking it up twice a year — the fire suppressant can settle into a solid mass otherwise, McNutt said, rendering the extinguisher useless.

“If you have any questions, go to your fire station,” McNutt said.

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