• Fri Oct 21st, 2016 11:15pm
  • News

Cop helps

Late Sunday night, an Aberdeen Police officer contacted a man walking in the area of Joe’s Deli in Aberdeen. The man was crying and said he was hungry and needed a place to sleep. The officer told the man to meet him at the station then got him a meal. He also tried to find the man a placement in a local shelter, but without success.

A modest solution

In downtown Aberdeen Tuesday, a police officer came to the rescue, improvising a bungee cord belt for an intoxicated woman who was having trouble keeping her pants up while using her walker. Officers came upon the 67-year-old woman, determined she wasn’t deliberately trying to expose herself and helped her fashion a belt.

“I thought you locked it …”

A homeowner who told police he forgot to lock his shed in the 2000 block of Morgan Streeet had two chainsaws and four tires and wheels stolen sometime in the past week. He reported the theft Tuesday and said it probably happened in the three days prior.