Dear Journal: Just grateful for a little bit of sun

Editor’s note: Karen Harris Tully is a writer who lives in Raymond and has agreed to keep a journal to share with Daily World readers during the odd and uncertain time we’re all navigating.

Dear Journal:

Wow it’s beautiful out this week! The kids searched for clouds in that gorgeous blue sky after baseball practice yesterday and didn’t find even one. It’s April, and we’re getting some surprise shorts and tank tops weather, that first, sun-kissed faces on kids and adults alike weather. I’m taking steaks out of the freezer over here and wondering if those shandies at the back of the fridge are still any good (probably not). It’s like summer, and we’re loving it.

How do I get my mountain of work done when it feels like beach weather? I pushed back a book deadline and it’s still looming, really looming. I’m going as fast as I can! At least I figured out where each of my characters are and what they’re doing at the end of my new book. I think that’s what was holding me back. Some characters weren’t where they needed to be, each struggling and fighting to achieve their goals, whether it’s saving the day, or self-serving, and nefarious. Some are very nefarious, and each one has to get their just deserts at the end. I can see it. They’re almost there. So many loose threads need tying.

But the garden calls from outside too, and it’s getting rudely loud out there in its demands. It’s time to plant potatoes, which our local store actually had this year! (Unlike last, when there were no seed potatoes to be found anywhere and we just planted organic ones from the grocery store.) And it’s time for vegetable starts too, definitely starts this year because we did not plant seeds in cups weeks ago. Thank goodness for the HAVA plant sale happening soon, benefitting our local animal shelter. I hope my friends there are ready, cuz I’m gonna buy them out! A little of everything, and a lot of getting my work done, that’s what’s happening here in the summer sun.

Song of the day: Soak Up the Sun, Sheryl Crow

Karen Harris Tully is a novelist living in Raymond with her husband and two small children. She writes sci-fi/fantasy for teens and adults and can be found at