County tallies 54 new COVID cases in latest data

Grays Harbor County Public Health reported more than 50 new COVID cases in its latest set of data released on Tuesday.

Fifty-four new cases have been added to the overall total case count, which now stands at 2,059.

The county also expanded its definition of new cases this week to include “non-outbreak associated cases,” noting the recent surge in cases at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen.

“The Stafford Creek Corrections Center continues to see increasing COVID positive numbers among its staff as well as among the incarcerated population,” the county health department’s COVID-19 website stated.

Currently, there are 636 active cases in Grays Harbor County, which the public health department considers “a case or contact to be ‘active’ while they are still under isolation or quarantine.”

No new deaths were reported by public health on Tuesday, keeping the overall COVID-related death count at 21.

Stafford Creek cases continue to climb. As of Monday, the correctional facility reported 834 confirmed cases among inmates and 61 confirmed cases among staff.

However, the Stafford Creek COVID-19 death toll remains at one as there have been no reports of a COVID-related death from someone infected at the facility since Dec. 10.