Aberdeen woman charged with theft from credit union

An Aberdeen woman charged with stealing thousands of dollars from the Grays Harbor Community Hospital Credit Union will make her first court appearance Monday on a charge of second degree theft, according to Jason Walker, Chief Criminal Deputy with the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jane L. Madtson was the manager of the credit union until Dec. 31, 2015, when it merged with the Grays Harbor Woodworkers Credit Union. The hospital credit union was a separate entity from the hospital and did not fall under its management umbrella. An investigation by the Woodworkers Credit Union a few months later indicated that Madtson in her last month of employment stole about $3,000 from an account with the Grays Harbor Community Hospital Credit Union, said Walker.

On Aug. 8, 2016, Aberdeen Police were called by the Woodworkers Credit Union to investigate a possible theft/embezzlement.

According to court records, in January 2016, an account holder with the hospital credit union found she had $52 in an account she claimed should have had a balance of $3,000. When a credit union supervisor tried to access the hospital credit union’s files he found the hard drive had been removed. When the computer information was reconstructed from the backup server, it was discovered that two unauthorized transactions equaling about $3,700 were made in December 2015.

Further investigation showed that at the time of the unauthorized transactions, Madtson had made deposits into her personal accounts for the same amounts. In one case, she wrote a check to “cash.” According to Walker, a credit union supervisor also discovered Madtson paid herself twice in her last month of employment with the hospital credit union, another $1,100, which was not authorized by the credit union’s board.

“We can easily prove that she stole about $3,750, but the credit union was out more because of the costs associated with investigating and recovering their data,” said Walker.

The sentencing range for second degree theft is 0-60 days.